Joe Burrow agrees to deal with Bengals

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The first overall pick of the 2020 draft has agreed to terms on his first NFL contract.

According to multiple reports, quarterback Joe Burrow and the Bengals have reached a deal. That leaves Titans tackle Isaiah Wilson as the only unsigned first-round pick.

Burrow’s deal is for four years with a team option for a fifth season. He’s set to make just over $36 million in fully guaranteed money over the first four years of the deal with over $23 million coming via a signing bonus.

The Bengals still need to wrap up a contract with second-round wideout Tee Higgins in order to get their whole draft class under contract. Once they do, all attention can turn toward making sure Burrow hits the ground running in September.

21 responses to “Joe Burrow agrees to deal with Bengals

  1. Hopefully by hit the ground running you didn’t mean running for his life, js

  2. I wish him well, however, if Joe is always running for his life due to a poor “O” line, I would not expect big numbers and over 5 wins for Bengals.

  3. I wonder what its like when these guys see on paper that they’re giving the government half of that

  4. Next Joe Burrow story – “Joe Burrow opts out of 2020 season”

  5. I like Andy. A very classy guy who I believe is underrated. However, it was time for a change and I hope he does well in Dallas. Now let the Burrow era begin! WHO DEY!

  6. Consider yourself blessed Bengals fans, I see Super Bowls in your future.

  7. I hope this works out for both. I dont have a horse in the race but it would be nice to see the Bengals improve. Their fans deserve it.

  8. Do the Bengals still have the clause in all contracts, not to say derogatory comments about team ownership and staff?

  9. That’s a lot of guaranteed money for a guy that’s only produced ONE season worth talking about. Granted, it was possibly the best season a college QB has had, but the risk of him being a one hit wonder is there. I hope he’s the real deal, but it would be very Bengals of him to completely disappoint.

  10. Good for the Bengals.
    Great for Joe Burrows.

    Wonder why took so long? Any interesting wrinkles in the contract? Off-set terms? No trade?

    Does “signing bonus” mean he gets $23 million (minus taxes) this week?
    Or is it another of those agent floated terms that don’t mean what they seem to say, like “guaranteed” ?

  11. Probably could not be a worse season to start your NFL career, but I guess it’s not too different than the locked out year when Andy and AJ started.

  12. I’m mostly a mlb guy, so forgive me if I missed the nuances of this season. Is “guaranteed” indeed that this year?

  13. Joe Burrow will prove himself to be a top 5 qb in the league this year already.

  14. As much as I have thrown in the towel for the NFL, I am wishing Joe Burreaux the best of success at the next level. As the son of a defensive coach and with the mental and physical skills he showed at LSU, he should break out once the NFL finally gets its show on the road.

  15. bigtimewhodat says:
    July 28, 2020 at 1:15 pm
    Consider yourself blessed Bengals fans, I see Super Bowls in your future.


    Only if you buy tickets.

  16. Joe couldn’t beat out Dwayne Haskins for a starting position at OSU. But to say Burrow isn’t as good as Dwayne isn’t a knock. Precious few quarterbacks are at Haskins level (Montana, Jorgensen, Luckman perhaps.). But Joe has touch and moxie and should enjoy success in NFL.

  17. @jurgyisgod Burrow actually won the backup spot over Haskins in 2017 but broke his hand or wrist. (I don’t remember which one) Haskins made the most out of it and never looked back. I think they would both agree it worked out for the better for them both now though.

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