Joe Douglas: Jets are playing to win, not punting on 2020

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When a team trades one of its best players for draft picks, it’s natural to think that the team is prioritizing the future over the president. But Jets General Manager Joe Douglas insists that he wants to win this year.

Douglas said after trading Jamal Adams that the Jets are playing to win — just as they did over the second half of last season, when they could have tanked but instead went 6-2 over the last eight games.

“You’re gonna see a team that’s very hungry and has a lot of desire to prove that a 6-2 finish was not a fluke against ‘soft schedule,‘” Douglas said, via “You’re going to see a team that has a lot of fire and motivation. So I would disagree that we’re punting on 2020.”

Douglas also said that just because Adams badmouthed the team and then was sent packing, that doesn’t mean other players will do the same.

“I certainly don’t think this is a precedent for a player to shoot his way out of town,” Douglas said. “I feel like we had a great contingency plan for any situation, and it just so happened that the situation worked out the way it did. But I’m not concerned about that precedent.”

The Jets are projected by the betting odds to be one of the worst teams in the NFL this season, but Douglas is hoping to surprise as many people as the Jets did with their 6-2 finish last year.

12 responses to “Joe Douglas: Jets are playing to win, not punting on 2020

  1. Soft schedule? There really is no soft schedule in the NFL but if I had to choose one division, it would be theirs. That division is the one to go to now if you are a coach coming into the league. Tom is gone and Bill is right behind him. I do like this GM the Jet’s have I see bright things in the future for them.

  2. I’m in my mid 30s and the only notable thing the NY Jets have done in my lifetime is draft a mediocre WR with the #1 pick. Oh, and they kinda get mentioned in TV shows on occasion, but that’s about it…

  3. In Joe we trust! (which is a lot easier to do after this trade and the draft.)

  4. If Joe Douglas wants to show the Jets are not tanking he will fire Adam Gase.

  5. There is ample precedent for a team winding up on the better end of a trade after it dumps a talented disgruntled player. Getting rid of what would develop into a locker room cancer helps the Jets chances in 2020 – it does not hurt them. The draft pick bonanza helps the team down the line. Never good to lose a player with Adams’ talent – but after his tirade, he left the team with no choice.

  6. Lets be serious, the Jets are a rebuilding team.
    They had a weak schedule, and caught some lucky breaks.
    I doubt they do better than 6-10 even though they were 7-9.

    They need their QB to greatly improve, and they need more players.

    Of course a GM isn’t going to say “We are rebuilding and expect to stink for another year or two”

  7. Jets defense remains stout and with Mosely back and young CB’s a year older, much is expected from G. Williams defense. Question is will JD’s new offensive line give Le’Veon running space and give Darnold time he needs to create chemistry with Mims, so the offense is going to need to gel quickly for the Jets to compete because they have a killer schedule this year.

  8. One of those wins in their miraculous 6-2 stretch was because the Bills benched all of their starters in preparation for the playoffs.

    So their 6 wins:

    Giants (4-12)
    Washington FT (3-13)
    Raiders (7-9)
    Dolphins (5-11)
    Steelers (8-8)
    Bills 2nd string (10-6)

    4 of those 6 were 1 score games. Their 2 losses were the Ravens and a beatdown from the at-the-time 0-11 Bengals. The jets are awesome and ready to go on a run though. Just needed to ship their best player out first. Got to love how Adams went from “future HOFer” to “overrated” in the span of about a week though.

  9. If the Jets were punting on 2029 would anyone even notice? They seemingly play to lose pretty much every year.

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