Jon Gruden: “We gotta beat this virus, man”

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Raiders coach Jon Gruden realizes that, currently, there are much bigger things happening than preparations for football season. He understands that the far bigger priority than winning games is containing COVID-19.

Hopefully, we can beat the virus,” Gruden told Vic Tafur of “The Chiefs are great — unfortunately we have to play them twice — but we got the toughest opponent. . . . We gotta beat this virus, man. You and me and everybody else, and hopefully somebody comes up with a cure soon.”

Apart from the big-picture problems created by the pandemic, Gruden is focused on the things he needs to do to try to turn the third season of his second act with the Raiders into the best so far.

“It’s crazy, you try and prepare for camp, but you just have no idea how it’s going to go,” Gruden told Tafur. “It’s a whole new ballgame right now. We have a new city, a new facility, a new team, new rules. . . . I finally get to meet some of the veteran players [on Tuesday]. We had about 60 minutes of walk-through with the rookies [on Monday] and that’s all the contact I’ve had, other than a bunch of Zoom meetings. . . .
It’s tough.

“It’s a tough, tough, tough job right now — and it’s not just football. Humanity is a big part of this, you know what I am saying? Your team, your family, your fans, the city of Las Vegas, the world — you worry about everybody. There is no answer for this. . . . There are safety measures that we’re trying to use, but it’s unprecedented territory for you and me and everybody else.”

He’s right. Every day, the vibe changes. Friday’s cautious optimism melted into mounting pessimism on Monday. The ongoing parade of players opting out, and the sense that more may be coming, underscore that this will be a football season unlike any other.

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  1. There clearly will be no season.

    When your head trainer comes into camp with Covid19 in Minny, before being responsbile for even starting to manage and check on each player’s physical condition, etc, that should tell you. That person touches EVERY player on the team, sometimes multiple times per day.

    That, right there, is it in a nutshell. The NFL is cooked in 2020. You can live in a world of stupidity, denial, selfishness, loserdom in a basement afraid to read books, etc, and play into the NFL’s greed, but there will be no season.

    And if a 300 LN lineman dies, and they keep playing, I don’t want to see the other side.

  2. We have the knowledge and tools to do it. Most people and businesses seem to be diligently following guidelines as personally responsible citizens. Unfortunately there exists – what I believe to be a minority of – people who are anti-science, believe conspiracy theories, or don’t think our collective behavior and outcome applies to them.

  3. I live in a community with a mandatory mask law in public places. Stopped at a convenience store this morning and I was the only person wearing a mask including the store’s employees, and people wonder why covid-19 is running rampant through the country. People don’t seem to care about the virus and the virus doesn’t care about football. Only one way this will end unless the general public wakes up and takes the threat seriously.

  4. “We gotta beat this virus, man. You and me and everybody else, and hopefully somebody comes up with a cure soon.”

    Knock on wood if you’re with me

  5. Covid could be a thorn in our sides for 5 years, 20 years, forever. There clearly will be a season. There isnt a perfect answer to this right but it is our duty as Americans to try to figure out how to get the economy back in good order for the children and all American people.

    Having the NFL puts food on the table for the corporate employees of each team, consession works of the stadiums, entertainment employees of the NFL, restaurants and bars around stadium districts, etc.

    Think about the people that need to go back to work that the NFL supports fiscally. We need to get the economy back and people making money to support their families indirectly through NFL games.

  6. There is NOT going to be a season.

    “Diligent” businesses ARE NOT diligent when their patrons/employees are not diligent.

  7. “ it is our duty as Americans to try to figure out how to get the economy back in good order for the children and all American people.”


    You know how we do that? Look at the rest of the world. Here’s a hint: You don’t open everything up while your Covid numbers are increasing!

    We have done this to ourselves. People just had to have haircuts because… freedom or something… so they protested like a bunch of children and pressured their governments to open up WHILE THE NUMBERS WERE INCREASING, and then their cases went through the roof. Not the economy has stagnated further as we deal with a larger secondary wave.

    So we could have shut down for as long as it took for the virus to run its course, like the rest of the world, but instead we have kicked ourselves in the balls just before we even started to get up off the mat.

  8. I think it will be very difficult to get through the season with the virus. There are many reasons the virus is not under control, people are not following thw guidelines, a certain segment of dopes in Government arent following the guideline, and 1 and 2 is a result of ignorance and lack of intelligence. That said, there are Im sure players not following guidelines also. There will be no end to the virus anytime soon

  9. It looks like there will be no more baseball – and as soon as the fear infection hits the NBA, that will be canceled and the NFL will have a mass sick out so that the veterans can get their free money.

  10. Brilliant comment from the has been….. What difference does it make, you will never beat Mahomes and the Chiefs. lol.

  11. They shut down hairdressers, restaurants, bars, and barber shops for over 2 months where I live. The curve was flat. One month after re-opening, the numbers are spiking out of control. I don’t think “opening too soon” had anything to do with it. The US is not doing any contact tracing at all. Many are concerned about the government tracking our movements (a result of many, many years of distrust). Many people, especially the youth, are simply not taking the virus seriously or have convinced themselves that its not that big of a deal. People are STILL going to work sick. And like most things these days, the whole situation has become enormously political.

    All that is why the numbers are spiking.

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