Marlins season paused after COVID-19 outbreak


There’s no clock in their sport, but Major League Baseball has called a timeout on the Miami Marlins.

According to Bob Nightengale of USA Today, the Marlins’ season has been suspended after a COVID-19 outbreak that resulted in 15 players testing positive.

While two individual games have been postponed, this makes it likely that baseball’s going to go through a return to play without every team playing the same amount of games.

The team is quarantined after positive tests emerged during last weekend’s series against the Phillies, and they’re not expected to play any of a four-game series against the Orioles and an upcoming three-game series against the Nationals.

The Nationals had previously voted as a team not to travel to Miami (though voting by players is also the faulty method that led the Marlins to play the Phillies after the first four positive tests).

With so many players quarantined for at least two weeks, they’d have to put a largely new team on the field if they did play again soon.

Teams were allowed a pool of 60 eligible players for this season, anticipating positive tests. The 27 players not with the Major League team are working out at a separate site.

12 responses to “Marlins season paused after COVID-19 outbreak

  1. Just in terms of football, if 50% of a 54 man roster tests positive. There is no way you want 27 practice squad and replacement players to step in and no way that the opponent are going to want to play you. All of this silly. Create a bubble or cancel the seasons.

  2. Meanwhile, Roger and DeMaurice still have their heads in the sand, hoping the hurricane passes them by.

  3. I get the feeling MLB and the NFL to a much farther extent just want to get as many games in as possible (meaning, make as much money as possible) and if the seasons ends up being a skeleton of a normal season, and the quality of play marginal, well that’s just something they are willing to accept.

    I do wonder though, how many NFL players are going to develop an ‘injury’….groin pull, hamstring, or something of the sort, after the 1st game.

  4. It doesn’t have to take even half an NFL team to half their season. It only takes 3-5 positives on the offensive line.

    Unless a team wants to roll out their $30-$500million dollar arm behind a backup line. This isn’t baseball, careers can be ended by injury on any play in a way baseball can’t.

  5. I’m almost as big a baseball fan as football and I had some hope/wishful thinking that baseball which is far less a contact sport could slip some sort of season past Covid19. Guess not. I should of known better. If the Marlins had followed the medical protocol to the letter, the damage might have been less. However past experience at ocean liners under lockdown, nursing homes under isolation and even those Churchs who actually practiced social distancing and wore masks, all have fallen from the foibles of being human, outbreaks occurring due to human error. Essential services like medical, food , and shelter are worth the risk. Sports aren’t.

  6. The 50% number is 15 of 30 Marlins testing positive. You’re right it shouldn’t get that far and ‘pausing’ isn’t the answer.

  7. Maybe it shouldn’t be up to the players or teams to decide if they should play despite positive tests……

  8. This is really bad. The only thing I can say is most of these guys are reasonably healthy and they may have it yet not have any symptoms. That’s good for them but bad for all the people they could infect. The usual recovery time is about two weeks so it’s highly likely nobody would miss more than a month. I think the NFL is counting on this. The problem is the coaches. They are at a much greater risk to contract the virus and most of them aren’t the healthiest guys in the world–due in part to their job, especially during the season.

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