Patrick Mahomes buys a piece of the Kansas City Royals

Getty Images

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has found a way to spend a little of the money coming his way.

Mahomes signed an extension through 2031 earlier this month that can pay him up to $503 million and he’s using some of that cash to become a professional team owner in the other sport that is close to his family’s heart. The Kansas City Royals announced on Tuesday that Mahomes has become a part-owner of the team.

“I’m honored to become a part owner of the Kansas City Royals,” Mahomes said in a statement. “I love this city and the people of this great town. This opportunity allows me to deepen my roots in this community, which is something I’m excited to do.”

Mahomes’ father Pat spent 11 years as a pitcher in the major leagues, but never had a stint with the Royals.