Anthony Lynn says Tyrod Taylor “probably will be our Day 1 starter”

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In a normal year, the Chargers would have gotten three months of offseason work with first-round draft choice Justin Herbert. As everyone knows, 2020 has turned into anything but a normal year.

So Chargers coach Anthony Lynn conceded the obvious: Herbert “can’t make up the physical reps” he missed due to the restricted offseason.

Veteran Tyrod Taylor will have a big advantage going into training camp.

“He’ll probably be our Day 1 starter,” Lynn said Wednesday, via Jason Hirschhorn of

The Chargers, who saw longtime starter Philip Rivers leave this offseason, drafted Herbert with the sixth overall choice as Rivers’ replacement.

Herbert threw for 3,471 yards with 32 touchdowns and six interceptions in his senior season for the Ducks, and Lynn emphasized Herbert’s college experience.

Taylor will be the “perfect guy” for Herbert to learn from, Lynn said, as will quarterbacks coach Pep Hamilton.

“Pep Hamilton is doing a hell of a job with him right now,” Lynn said.

The Chargers drafted Herbert as their quarterback of the future. The future will wait until at least after Day 1.

22 responses to “Anthony Lynn says Tyrod Taylor “probably will be our Day 1 starter”

  1. After an entire off season that had many quality quarterbacks available, it was decided that Tyrod Taylor was the best option?!

  2. Tyrod Taylor is good. Doesn’t turn the ball over and very dangerous on third down. He’ll have the best weaponry he’s had in his career as well. Herbert has got his work cut out for him if he wants to overtake TT.

  3. Given the current environment, it’s probably for the best that Herbert spends most of this season (if it even happens) as a spectator. He can watch, learn, play a little, and spend next off-season getting into the normal young QB rhythm.

    The Chargers and their few fans should understand. This is not a “WE MUST WIN NOW” kind of franchise.

  4. Taylor is a very good QB… look at his TD/Int ratio and he’s very mobile.

  5. Try hard Taylor is an okay QB. He won’t win you games without a lot of help but he won’t cost you games either. He is very careful with the football. The Charges should be a wild card team with him.

  6. Lynn needs to create a QB controversy for the HBO Hard Knocks show. There is zero chance that Herbert gets one snap before the Left Guard controversy is settled.

  7. hyperalgesia says:
    July 30, 2020 at 12:07 am
    Lynn needs to create a QB controversy for the HBO Hard Knocks show.


    If that’s the point then he should sign Kaep

  8. Taylor will be fine until they can get Franchise Herbert up to speed.

    But what difference doe it make? Even if Tyrod craps the bed, they just paid Bosa QB money, so let him take snaps!!

  9. Herbert should be interesting. He has the size and physical gifts, but he does not throw an NFL ball. He is a clear cut project and Tyrod might be the right guy at the helm for the next 2 or 3 years that it will take Herbert to possibly develop into a viable NFL starter. For anybody who as actually watched Herbert throw the ball, they know this will be a long process. For anybody who judges Herbert based on what is said on ESPN, they will be in for a big shock.

  10. After a half, he’ll be gone and disappear forever. This is Typhoid Taylor after all. Given a chance he’ll show why he’s a disease, not a starting QB.

  11. There is a guy on their roster that had a better winning percentage at NDSU than Carson Wentz, and yet they never mention him. Easton Stick should be given at least a shot.

  12. I’m not a Chargers fan (Go Broncos), however it always seems that as soon as Tyrod is about to break loose as a QB, whatever team he’s on moves in a different direction. I like him, and It would be nice if he got a “full” opportunity.

  13. The Chargers would have been better with Taylor last year than Rivers. How Rivers parlayed that season into a $25 million contract is beyond me.

    This is someone the Ravens were high on and had success with the Bills. He played poorly in Cleveland but we know that Hue Jackson is one of the worst coaches of all time.

    Justin Herbert is the long-term answer most likely, but don’t be surprised if the Chargers are a competitive 7-9, 8-8 next year with Taylor.

  14. There’s a lot to like about Tyrod Taylor, a humble hard worker, mobile, throws a good ball, good teamate, good citizen, careful with the ball, won’t turn it over in crucial situations. Having said that, he doesn’t have good anticipation, the ability to know when a covered receiver will be open for the split second it takes to slip a pass through. He won’t lose games but he can’t take over a game like a franchise QB has to from time to time. He’s probably going to be like Josh McCowan or Fitzpatrick, one of those borderline starter/backup QBs, who may actually get a little better as they get a little older and get more experience through sheer repetition. Given the covid19 that prevents Herbert from getting the intense workouts and concentrated coaching, starting Taylor is just common sense, but like McCowan and Fitzpatrick, just holding the chair while their team looks for a franchise QB.

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