Christopher Johnson calling Jets players to discuss his brother

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Christopher Johnson is cleaning up his brother’s mess, and he’s apparently doing it one Jets player at a time.

The acting CEO of the team disputed reports that owner Woody Johnson made racist and sexist remarks during his work as the United States’ ambassador to the United Kingdom, but he’s going beyond making a statement to his top football guys.

Via Charles McDonald of the New York Daily News, Jets coach Adam Gase says Christopher Johnson is calling players individually to discuss the situation.

He’s gone through almost our entire roster as far as contacting these guys himself and spending time on the phone with these guys,” Gase said. “Whether it be FaceTime or a phone call, he’s trying to talk to every guy on our roster. Working for a guy that is single-handedly calling every single player on our roster, and he’s been doing that for the past two weeks, I’ve been very impressed with how he’s gone about this.”

Gase said Christopher Johnson called him the day the initial report emerged.

“Christopher called me the day all that came out,” Gase said. “Knowing Christopher and spending the amount of time that I have with him, I believe exactly what he says and I think Christopher has done a great job.”

Of course, convincing players it’s a healthy work environment might require more than vouching for his brother, as they just traded their disgruntled best player for future picks.

2 responses to “Christopher Johnson calling Jets players to discuss his brother

  1. So if he doesn’t do anything, Christopher would be ripped for being tone deaf, etc.

    Now he does the best thing he can, address every player individually and he still gets ripped.

  2. Right, but what about his brother? Goodell is amazing. What a vile piece of lying scum. And very predictable.

    If this was Kraft, there’d be demands for investigations, ESPN would be in Foxborough around the clock and picks would be taken or he’d be forced to sell like Richardson.

    But, if you are a very successful franchise in terms of revenue, and suck, you control Goodell.

    Mara, Jones, Snyder, the Johnsons, the Rooneys, Bisciotti, Irsay, etc…They could all be caught on film committing felonies and Goodell would cover for them.

    All of them have been guilty of covering something up, lying and working with Goodell to do it.

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