Eagles bring Jason Avant back to coaching staff

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It’s not unusual for the Eagles to bring former receivers back in, but this time, it’s in a coaching role.

Via Mike Kaye of NJ.com, the Eagles have brought former wideout Jason Avant back to help coach receivers during training camp.

I’m so excited and grateful to be here, to help a group of very talented young players,” Avant said to the team website. “I was a technical receiver. I wasn’t the fastest receiver. I wasn’t the biggest guy. I was able to get open by getting off the line of scrimmage and being precise. That’s what I hope to help teach these receivers. It’s a very talented group.”

He’s joining the team as part of the Bill Walsh coaching fellowship program. Avant was with the Eagles from 2006-14, and also played for the Panthers and Chiefs.

The gig also gives him something to do for the next few weeks. He was running a trampoline park in New Jersey, which has been closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

5 responses to “Eagles bring Jason Avant back to coaching staff

  1. This will be great, maybe he can unlock what the Eagles thought they saw in JJAW, and help prep Reagor for the pro’s. And continue Ward’s development.

    The best thing Avant can teach them is safe hands, because more than just about any other skill a WR needs, safe hands would be top of most peoples list.

  2. Avant was an average talent who maximized his career by working harder than the next guy. He sounds like a great candidate for a coach. He was also kind of a cult hero in Philly. You can look up Jason Avant Song on YouTube.

  3. Avant had the best hands in football for a few year stretch there…True professional. Great guy to help teach Reagor.

    His trampoline park “ launch “ is a blast out in deptford too. Great to see him coming back to the eagles sideline.

  4. Good hire. Oftentimes the players that had to grind to be successful are the best coaches. Nothing came easy so they had to hone their craft and become true professionals more than the freaky talented guys.

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