Lamar Jackson: I’m still hoping we get Antonio Brown

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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson worked out with Antonio Brown this offseason and enjoyed the experience enough to endorse Baltimore signing the wideout for the 2020 season.

Brown has not signed a contract with the team, but that hasn’t entirely dashed Jackson’s hopes of sharing the field with Brown this fall.

“It was nice throwing to Antonio Brown. I was hoping we would get him. I’m still hoping — a little bit,” Jackson said on Wednesday, via Jamison Hensley of

Ravens General Manager Eric DeCosta said the team was always assessing potential opportunities in April, but a June report indicated the team would be an unlikely landing spot for Brown.

Even if that were to change, it’s not clear that Brown would be able to play for the Ravens or anyone else in the early part of the 2020 season. Brown remains under league investigation for Personal Conduct Policy violations, although he recently asked the league to make a determination on his status.

38 responses to “Lamar Jackson: I’m still hoping we get Antonio Brown

  1. oh no, be afraid, be VERY afraid. Antonio Brown is a very dangerous man with near super human strength. Russel Wilson dodged a catastrophe, if we hear reports about Lamar Jackson having secret workouts with Brown we need to be concerned for his safety. Goodell needs to step in and do something to protect one of our great young stars from the poster child of the dangers of CTE.

  2. Clearly Mr. Jackson is not aware of what the Commish has lying in wait for Mr. Brown should anyone be foolish enough to sign him. Aside from his bogus retirement announcement, he will never see the field again but he will certainly see the Commissioners Exempt List.

  3. “Who wins a destroy the lockeroom fastest contest…covid-19 or AB?”

    Trick question: Answer is AB coming in WITH covid 19.

  4. wasnt there a story not to long ago that AB said he was done playing football ??

  5. This doesn’t say much about Lamar Jackson as a man. And I was a Jackson fan. Not anymore.

  6. Ask Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady about that young fella, you may change your mind really quickly.

  7. The Steelers front office looks like geniuses getting a 3rd and 5th from the chump Chucky for this guy.

  8. I think the statement should be interpreted as Lamar Jackson saying he does not have confidence in the current wide receivers on the roster. He wants an upgrade. Whether Brown is an upgrade is debatable, but if Lamar were happy with his current team mates he would not be saying anything about Brown.

  9. imafalcondawg says:
    July 29, 2020 at 12:40 pm
    Who wins a destroy the lockeroom fastest contest…covid-19 or AB?

    AB would be the most likely person to destroy a locker room WITH COVID-19. He probably thinks he’s immune.

  10. What’s the point of getting Brown? You can’t really pass to wide receivers which is why your attempts/completions to wide receivers was the lowest in the league. Which is why the Chargers and Titans have exposed you for the last two years. Jackson can’t pass outside the hash marks.

  11. Be Careful what you wish for.

    He is T.O. at this point.

    Don’t ever invite a Vampire into your house.

  12. Finish the investigation already, and give him his punishment. Waiting to announce his punishment after a team signs him is total BS. If this warrants a suspension then levy it, so he can serve it. It is not fair to AB. At least then a team that might be interested can prepare for it.

  13. I love how Goodell can pass judgement on players who have not even been charged with any crime or crimes. How is this even possible? You can take away a man’s right to earn a living because of accusations? It really needs to be addressed in the next CBA but the players don’t really seem to care. I just don’t think it’s right.

  14. I don’t get this. AB was out of the game last year via his own implosion, got fired from two teams, and has so many legal issues he will be in for a long suspension if he is even reinstated. He’s retired and unretired enough times he makes Brett Favre look decisive.

  15. stainlesssteel says: “Ask Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady about that young fella, you may change your mind really quickly.”

    Um, NFL Network’s Michael Giradi just reported last week that Brady still keeps in contact with Antonio Brown and is lobbying Bucs to sign him…

    It’s former Steeler OC Bruce Arians that keeps saying no room and no money.

  16. Hold on a second, I thought AB retired?


    Which time?

  17. 66% Completion percentage, 36 TD’s, 6 INT in his first full season as a starter. HUGE improvement from rookie year to 2nd year. Works hard on his craft, has fun, great teammate. Expect continued improvement as a result of his work ethic.

    Some of the “football geniuses” commenting on here are hilarious. I know we all make stupid comments on occasion but I have to assume these people are just trolling for fun cause otherwise they’re just embarrassing themselves.

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