Matt Ryan would take a Super Bowl ring over a Hall of Fame bust

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As Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, now 35, enters his thirteenth NFL season, it’s not too early to be thinking about his ultimately legacy. And so, during a Wednesday visit with Ryan on the #PFTPM podcast, he was asked whether he’d prefer a Super Bowl ring or a Hall of Fame bust.

He seemed to give the question extra thought before saying that winning the Super Bowl is the thing that motivates him every day, so that’s his selection.

The answer also was rooted in logic. As Ryan explained, a Super Bowl ring makes a Hall of Fame bust more likely.

The Hall of Fame bust likely will be easier for Ryan to achieve. Given his 2016 MVP award and statistical achievement that, if he keeps performing like he has, will put him among the best quarterbacks of all time when he’s done, Ryan is earning his Hall of Fame bust with his efforts on the field. The Super Bowl ring will require others to perform at the level he has performed throughout his career.

Obviously, the Falcons almost finished the job four years ago. They get another chance to start from 0-0 and see where it goes.

22 responses to “Matt Ryan would take a Super Bowl ring over a Hall of Fame bust

  1. O/U on how many times someone posts “He won’t get either” in this comment section: 28.3

  2. I think the 3-28 Super Bowl meltdown will go a long way in determining at least one of those fantasies, if not both.

  3. Hall of Fame entry (and the performance that warrants it) does far more for a legacy than a Super Bowl victory. Dan Marino’s name will live on as long as football does. Joe Flacco’s, not so much

  4. Surprised. A ring ends up on your dresser. A bust lasts forever. One recognizes a team effort. The other individual.

  5. As a Falcons fan, give us a ring! Sadly, until that day comes, if it ever comes, we will always be remembered for blowing that 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl…only a ring can assuage that pain…or a gift of Home Depot stock from Arthur Blank, lol

  6. Sorry Matt. You’re in the wrong division. Brees owns you and Brady proved he could beat you, even when you had a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl. These 2 will make life in the NFC South less than rosy for you.

  7. He is ver good, not HOF.

    But who knows, HOF is more about PR than logic.

  8. Ryan has had a great career like Rivers without winning a championship but needs that SB to get into the HOF in my view.

  9. “Matt Ryan would take a Super Bowl ring over a Hall of Fame bust”


    He won’t get either.

  10. True Story. When the Falcons were leading the patriots in the Super Bowl, I texted my Falcons Fan Boss a congratulations text, from that moment on the game went the other way. My Boss always blamed me for jinxing it.

  11. He had his chance to get one. Now he won’t get either nor does he deserve it. It takes more than one season to get in the HoF.

  12. Every time I watch the Falcons play against the Saints, I DIRECTLY compare Ryan to Brees on a possession-by-possession basis.

    And Ryan is NOT a HOF QB. Brees is superior in every way but ESPECIALLY in terms of ball placement. Without Julio Jones’ catch radius, Ryan wouldn’t even be talked about in the same breath as the top-10 QBs in the league.

    Ryan had a chance to show the world he was a great leader and a clutch player in the SB, and he could do neither. And before everyone says it was a defensive collapse, that’s hogwash. You can’t finish out the game with have 3 punts AND fumble the ball away to Brady in your own territory and hope to win the game.

    Ryan’s an illusion.

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