Mickey Loomis won’t say if Saints are talking contract with Alvin Kamara

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Saints running back Alvin Kamara is entering the fourth and final season of the contract he signed as a third-round pick in 2017 and that’s led to thoughts of a contract extension this offseason.

Kamara said in April that he’d like a deal that allows him to remain in New Orleans beyond the coming season and one would think that the team would like to hold onto a player who has gained 4,476 yards from scrimmage while scoring 37 touchdowns in three seasons.

On Tuesday, General Manager Mickey Loomis was asked about whether they’ve had talks about a new deal. Loomis said it’s “definite” that he’s not going to answer questions about any negotiations that might be going on.

“Look, this is always a tough question,” Loomis said. “You guys always ask these questions about contracts. And I always say I don’t like discussing that. That’s really between the team and the player until we’re ready to announce something.”

Kamara played at less than 100 percent due to knee and ankle injuries that caused him to miss two games last season, but has declared himself back to normal heading into this season. The coming weeks will let us know if that will be a contract year or if he’ll know that he’ll be with the Saints for the long term.

5 responses to “Mickey Loomis won’t say if Saints are talking contract with Alvin Kamara

  1. And Loomis isn’t wrong. That’s between the team and the player to discuss, not media outlets. It’s a tricky contract I’m sure being he is a great talent, but unlike some other big money RB’s he doesn’t get 90+% of the teams carries. If he wants anything in the 10mil+ range let him walk, or tag and trade. Somewhere in the $6-$9mil range would be good a great deal for both.

  2. Seems to me like Alvin Kamara has not been the same player last couple of years, he was coming into the league. Should be interesting to see how this develops going forward.

  3. You’re high of you think kamara isn’t taking what any other too think would take in the 10 million+ range. He had a down year due to injury but was still pretty darn good. His tds were down but that was an outlier. If the saints even try to squeeze him on a 6-7 mill dollar average I’m waking out the door.

  4. I have every confidence in Mickey Loomis. He has been able to successfully walk the tightrope for years in managing the Saints salary cap situation. And, traditionally in NO, when a player such as Kamara wants to stay, both sides find a way to get the deal done.

    The unspoken iceberg on the horizon is the cap hit the Saints will take when Brees retires, which could be as soon as next year. That will create large problems, combined with the post Covid cap reductions that certainly will occur. But, that is next year….

  5. They want him there, if he wants to be there they will work something out.

    The numbers will be substantial, but not ridiculously so.

    If the deal gets done and it comes out with 50% saying he got too much and 50% saying it was a fair deal then I’ll be happy with it.

    He’s kind of unique in his ability and not a typical running back so I don’t know exactly how you account for that financially.

    What I do know is that the two sides probably won’t strike an agreement anytime in the near future.

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