Sean Payton won’t be surprised if some games are suspended

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It’s a strange time in America, and among those who have a vested financial and/or rooting interest in the success of sport. Some insist that the articulation of any possibility of sport struggling to thrive during the worst pandemic in more than a century comes from a deep-seated desire to see the sport fail.

And so, under that stupid, cockeyed standard, Saints coach Sean Payton wants football to fail.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Payton said that he won’t be surprised if some 2020 games are suspended. He pointed to the possibility that a team will have all players at a given position group unable to play, due to testing positive for COVID-19.

A member of the Competition Committee, Payton didn’t address whether those games would be rescheduled or simply scrapped. It’s possible that some games simply won’t be played, and that some teams will have fewer than 16 games when the season ends. Playoff positioning, at that point, would hinge on winning percentage.

If games are to be suspended, a clear, fair, consistent standard will be needed, so that all teams are treated the same way. Although a certain amount of competitive imbalance will have to be tolerated, the idea that some teams will get a pass and others won’t under relatively similar circumstances should not be permitted to take root in this craziest of NFL seasons.

Likewise, the timing and platform of the game should not be a factor, with games in the 1:00 p.m. ET window more likely to be suspended and a higher bar applied to prime-time, stand-alone contests.

16 responses to “Sean Payton won’t be surprised if some games are suspended

  1. There is no way the NFL plays a 16 game regular season. They might play 12 games, and alter the playoffs to include 8 teams from each conference.

  2. I feel like we have reached a point where nothing that happens is really all that “surprising”.

  3. There will be multiple games canceled. Guaranteed. And if the league even makes it to the postseason, they’re gonna need to institute a bubble plan for those teams like the NBA. Or they’ll be risking chaos.

  4. If one team can’t field a team and the other can it should be a 2-0 forfeit. Slowing the spread of COVID should be a competitive aspect to this season.

  5. and how do you make games up in the NFL??? Doubleheaders?? Two choices.. cancel the season or if you play the season any team that gets the flue and can’t play the game should be pegged with a loss….

  6. Has the NFL released their specific criteria for this sort of thing yet? You’d suspect that much like we’re seeing with MLB right now the game would probably be postponed WAY before a team was totally depleted at a position. A few positive cases leaving the rest of the team potentially exposed would likely be enough to make the healthy team unwilling to play.

  7. No matter how you slice it this season will be a debacle. It’s already off to a chaotic start and things will get worse before they get better. A real shame, it was shaping up to be such an interesting season….

  8. Suspended? What does that mean exactly? The NFL is purposely avoiding the ‘c’ word.

  9. I’m sure a certain team will use this to their advantage. If they are facing a tough opponent they can just say everyone is sick but when they play a weaker opponent they will all magically be healthy.

  10. how is this going to be enjoyable to watch? the baseball games are pathetic, with no crowd there is no emotion in the game. I’m starting to think football games won’t be much better

  11. In Sean’s mind any game where the Saints trail in the 4th quarter should be automatically suspended.

  12. Hard to imagine a season without a bubble. They’re kidding themselves otherwise. Maybe do a 9 game season, like the ‘82 strike season. Without the travel, you might be able to get away with doing the regular season over an 8, or even 7 week window (Sunday, then Friday, then Wednesday, etc.). Otherwise, with the virus in no way under any sort of control, this feels like a fools’ errand doomed to disappoint.

  13. Hopefully they schedule 16, and each team needs to only do 12 to qualify for playoffs. This will allow the Packers to mysteriously get COVID right before playing a team with a winning record, and then suddenly be healthy again when they’re playing a hapless bottom feeder. 12-0!

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