Still no signed agreement revising the CBA

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Five days ago, the NFL and the NFL Players Association struck a deal on a revised Collective Bargaining Agreement, aimed at addressing various issues relevant to pro football in a pandemic. The formal agreement, however, has still not been signed.

So what’s the holdup? As one source with knowledge of the situation told PFT, “Lawyers.”

The good news is that this likely means the attorneys for the two sides are simply haggling over precise language, and that there’s been no buyer’s remorse or other issue that would undo the otherwise done deal.

The better news for players is that the deadline for opting out doesn’t arrive until seven days after the agreement is signed. As of now, it means that the earliest date on which players would face see the clock run out on opting out is Wednesday, August 5.

On Wednesday’s PFT Live, former NFL safety Rodney Harrison — a member of the Patriots Hall of Fame — said that, if he were still playing, he absolutely would skip the season. For every current player, it’s an intensely personal decision that only they can make, in consultation with their families.

8 responses to “Still no signed agreement revising the CBA

  1. Wonder if Rodney would just sit out commentating on Sunday Night Football…that’d be a good start

  2. If the new CBA has still not been signed, can they hold players who said they opted out, be held to that until the agreement is signed? They keep pushing the opt out date back?

  3. New CBA is signed but the revised COVID-19 section isn’t signed yet. They will get it finalized and season will at least be attempted.

  4. The nba is approaching this season the right way – teams have to be in a bubble. What the NFL should do is put each division in a bubble, so for instance the afc north would have the browns, Steelers, bengals and ravens in one location. Each team plays each other 4 times (bigger divisions will have to figure out. Then the same number of regular playoff teams moves to another bubble. After 2 weeks, you play until the super bowl. Otherwise the season will be canceled. No way 53 player and another 100+ staff don’t have an infection that runs wild through the league

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