Baseball now requiring COVID-19 compliance officers with teams

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Now that Florida Cow is out of the barn, Major League Baseball has decided to have someone watch the door.

According to Jeff Passan of ESPN, MLB officials have now mandated that teams make a number of changes to keep players safe from further outbreaks like the one that infected nearly half the Miami Marlins roster.

Those steps include encouraging players not to leave hotels except to go to games, mandating use of surgical masks instead of cloth masks during travel, and requiring every team to have a compliance officer on the road with them to make sure players and staff are following the rules.

Having someone to oversee such policies seems like a great idea. It would have been just as good an idea, you know, before the season started.

Of course, planning ahead and having someone to implement those policies is no guarantee of success. Vikings head athletic trainer and infection control officer Eric Sugarman tested positive for COVID-19.

The Marlins’ season has been suspended through at least this week, after the outbreak that began during their first weekend series.

7 responses to “Baseball now requiring COVID-19 compliance officers with teams

  1. Yea, allowing players decide to play even though the team was infected was probably the worst look possible for MLB.

  2. Crazy that grown men need to be babysat, but whatever it takes I guess.

    If it works, it could be worth implementing in football too

  3. I bet you every Marlin’s player that tested positive has either no symptoms or mild symptoms (odds are in my favor). And not one of them has symptoms that they would even miss a game for a year ago. People need to wake up and take the anxiety down a level.

  4. Time for Manfred to go. This and announcing that cheating is now a punishable event tells you everything you need to know about his lack of leadership.

  5. One guy in charge of the whole team?! If the NFL is going to last the whole season (because MLB sure won’t) each team will need at least a dozen of these guys making sure rules are being followed. They also need more strict parameters surrounding what players and their families are allowed to do during the season. Allowing indoor gatherings with up to 14 people is not the answer if they want to play a whole season.

  6. Just to put into perspective how badly the Marlins failed on this one, the Brooklyn Nets outbreak that shutdown the NBA season consisted of 4 players catching it and that occurred with ZERO measures in place to try and stop the spread. The Marlins knew exactly what needed to be done to contain things and got (to date) 18 players and a bunch of staff infected.

  7. LilPorkyPie:
    1,400+ Americans died yesterday bringing the total past 150,000 American deaths. What part of this do you not understand?

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