Bobby Wagner: Discipline is going to be biggest thing for players this season

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As a longtime member of the Seahawks, linebacker Bobby Wagner is a player that younger members of the team look to as an example of how to do things the right way.

Wagner’s tutelage won’t be limited to where to line up or how to adjust to an audible at the line of scrimmage this season. During a Wednesday conference call, Wagner talked about what will be needed to play a football season amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wagner said “discipline is going be the biggest thing” for players because they have to be aware that their actions away from the team will impact their families, their teammates and their teammates’ families.

“It’s players being on top of players, understanding that it’s going to take a lot of discipline to get this done, and really being on top of everybody, and really just keep pushing that message forward,” Wagner said, via the team’s website. “We’re not going to be able to go and do the things that we do. You know, luckily in Seattle so there’s not really any clubs or things of that nature to go out to, but just understanding like you need to be more conscious of your surroundings, you have to really be mindful of who you trust as far as what are they doing outside of the building.”

Similar conversations are being held around the league and it’s likely that the outbreak that the Marlins experienced early in the baseball season will be used as an example of how quickly things can go the wrong way for a team.

8 responses to “Bobby Wagner: Discipline is going to be biggest thing for players this season

  1. He doesnt speak very often, but when he does, he usually has a good point. It will take locker room leaders all over the NFL, such as himself, KJ Wright and Wilson on that particular team, to keep some of the young un’s in line off the field.

  2. ” luckily in Seattle so there’s not really any clubs or things of that nature to go out to”. There’s not really much of a city left there anymore, either.

  3. Being responsible for one’s own actions? Nah, that’s not in vogue anymore. Easier to whine and blame others.

  4. Nobody should need to be mentored on this issue by now. If you are old enough to be in the NFL, you should be mature enough to behave in a responsible manner so as not to put the health of others in jeopardy.

  5. Discipline could be an offensive word to those who play in the NFL these days. I’m sure it will be said to adversely impact lives that matter more than anyone else. You’d think men would play this game, but apparently in today’s world they don’t become men until age 25 or when they no longer can be on their parents’ insurance plan.

  6. It would be a miracle for the NFL to be able to complete the 2020 season without losing a game(s) to COVID under the current format. “Trust” & “discipline” sound great but so do “partying” & “friends.” Are all of those that surround players going to be as diligent? Methinks this isn’t going to work out to well – Tour de France on a unicycle anyone? Short of buying a private island with a couple football fields put the players in bubbles and fine whomever if that team can’t follow the rules (owners included).

  7. Another reason he is a first ballot hall of famer. His stats speak for themselves but his demeanor and leadership is what makes him a true all pro.

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