Falcons “massive setup” includes townhouses that double as lockers

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When the various teams planned their various practice facilities, no one was thinking about the ease or difficulty to adapting those building to the realities of a pandemic. As a result, some teams are struggling to retrofit their locker rooms and other work areas to fit the NFL’s requirements.

In Atlanta, space isn’t a problem.

“We’re lucky that we’ve got a lot of space and a massive setup,” Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan said on Wednesday’s #PFTPM podcast. “For us to be able to kind of space out and make sure we are up to code on all of the protocols, we have these kind of townhomes that we stay in during training camp that are built right behind our facility, which we’re able to use as our locker room right now. We each have our own individual bathroom and bed and changing area, and all that kind of stuff. We’re uniquely built to kind of handle this, and our staff here has done an amazing job of trying to make it safe as possible for everybody and appreciate them doing that.”

Not only does that kind of arrangement help limit the spread of the virus, but it also gives players a greater sense of confidence and peace of mind, allowing them to put more of their focus on football and less of it on worrying about possibly catching the virus at work and taking it home.

It also sounds like a perfect arrangement if/when the NFL decides to harden the team-by-team bubbles, requiring players to remain embedded with the team for the full season, in order to keep them from catching the virus somewhere else.

5 responses to “Falcons “massive setup” includes townhouses that double as lockers

  1. Honestly guys do military tours away from family, fishing in Alaska, all kinds of extended leaves. NFL might have to do the same thing, with players possibly having to live away from their families in an “Olympic Village” type bubble like ATL has. NFL should start to introduce that idea to players to set their expectations for this Fall/Winter, because if they don’t, the entire season might have to be shut down at some point.

  2. “with players possibly having to live away from their families in an “Olympic Village” type bubble like ATL has.”

    The Olympics is over and done in about 3 weeks. The NBA and NHL playoffs which are using bubbles will be done in about 60 days with the number of players in the bubbble being halved with every single round. That’s a lot different than expecting NFL teams with far larger rosters and coaching staffs to do that for an entire season. And let’s say you actually got guys to agree to leave their families behind for several months (which you won’t), what about all the support staff that will needed to take care of them, make their meals, etc. You’re going to make all them abandon their families, too?

  3. Remember when you’re taking that “oppression” knee you have a townhouse for a locker.

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