NFL chief medical officer “cautiously optimistic” about 2020 season

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The NFL’s chief medical officer believes the league has the right plan in place to play a full season during a pandemic, even as he acknowledges that won’t be easy.

Dr. Allen Sills said the virus may be with us throughout the 2020 NFL season, but the league has protocols to keep players, coaches and staff safe.

“I remain cautiously optimistic because we’ve spent a tremendous amount of time and energy with these protocols and preparing, trying to mitigate risk to the best that we can,” Sills told the Houston Chronicle. “At the same time, we have to realize that this is going to be hard. This is going to be really hard because this is a tough opponent. This virus is a highly contagious virus, and it remained very endemic across our country.

“It’s going to be a real challenge for us at every level of the league, but our teams are very committed to this. I know our players are very invested, as are all of our coaches and staff. We’re all going to put our very best foot forward to try to mitigate risk and see if we can carry forward and coexist with a virus. As much as we’d like it to go away, I think it’s clear that it’s unlikely to be eradicated at any time in the very near future.”

Major League Baseball managed to play only a few days before one team was shut down because of an outbreak of the virus and another team was shut down because it played against that team. The NFL is hoping to avoid similar problems, and hoping its plan proves workable for this most challenging of seasons.

7 responses to “NFL chief medical officer “cautiously optimistic” about 2020 season

  1. What else would he say? The fact he qualified his response at all should be illuminating.

  2. One outbreak among someone’s offensive line and the season is over, you can’t put five back ups out there protecting your franchise quarterback, baseball is starting to fall apart right now, it’s just a matter of time

  3. Just how is the NFL going to be any different than MLB? Avoid MLB’s mistakes? You mean like not quarantining the entire organization 24/7? That’s just not possible. There’s 1600 players and a couple thousand coaches, trainers, front office people, etc in the NFL that have a life after the workday. They go to bars, restaurants, malls and live their lives. This looks like a colossal train wreck for the 2020 season. Just shut it down and try next year. This year is a total loss anyway.

  4. Sure. And football doesn’t cause concussions. And smoking is good for us. Protect the $hield.

  5. “Cautiously optimistic”, lips moving saying nothing. Oh, they forgot to say they big binders so. It to worry.

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