Report: Tom Coughlin injured in bicycle accident

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Tom Coughlin spent a night in a Jacksonville hospital after a bicycle accident last weekend, ESPN reports.

The former Giants coach and Jaguars executive fractured four ribs, slightly punctured his lung and needed stitches for a head wound.

Coughlin told ESPN another man on a racing bicycle “comes out of nowhere and clips the front of my bike.”

Coughlin went home first before his family took him to the emergency room for X-rays and a CT scan. Doctors told Coughlin he faces a four- to six-week recovery, per ESPN.

6 responses to “Report: Tom Coughlin injured in bicycle accident

  1. He is a tough nut. Dude is pushing 80, gets splattered on the pavement, and his family has to persuade him to go to a hospital. Reminds me of Ron Rivera.

  2. Oh man those rib injuries are painful. Just normal breathing hurts, let alone needing to cough or sneeze.

  3. If I even make it to 80, I doubt that I’ll be 1/20th as tough as Coughlin. Here’s to a speedy recovery, TC.

  4. TC is old school; he picked himself off the pavement, rubbed some dirt on his wounds and went home. Get well soon old warrior ….

  5. That is what he wanted his players to do, get up knock the dirt off and go back into the huddle. Problem is football today is not what it use to be.

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