Ryan Pace feels “full support” of Bears’ ownership

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The Bears have only made the playoffs once in their five seasons with Ryan Pace building the roster, but Pace doesn’t think he’s on the hot seat.

As the Bears head into their sixth training camp with Pace as G.M., he says Bears Chairman George McCaskey and President Ted Phillips are behind him.

“We all have the same goals and the same vision for this season,” Pace said, via 670 The Score. “Last year was disappointing for all of us. That starts with me. That’s hard to swallow. It’s disappointing. There’s a number of factors that went into that. Just being real with ourselves this offseason and making hard decisions, whether it’s the roster or it’s staff or it’s different things we’re doing here at Halas, all those hard decisions, I feel like they’ve been made or continue to be made. We all put our egos aside and what’s best for the team. I feel the full support from George and from Ted.”

When the Bears went 12-4 in Pace’s fourth season in 2018, he appeared to have them going in the right direction. But they slumped to 8-8 last year, and they may need to return to the postseason for Pace to continue having his bosses’ full support.

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  1. And this is why Bears ownership is the most incompetent in the league.

    GMs live and die on their draft records. Pace has been DROWNING on his since 2017 when he took Trubisky over Watson and a kid named Mahomes who will be making $5700 an hour for the next DECADE.

  2. Yep and this is the primary reason why this team is average at best every year.

  3. He has it, until he doesn’t. Hopefully, that is before he’s allowed to pick a third coach & new QB.

  4. Pace is a delusional joke of a GM who is more concerned about his hair than the team. Hopefully, the full support he’s feeling is just like the “vote of confidence” given to others just before they’re canned.

    The curse of Jerry Vainisi lives on!

  5. He needs to go back to the New Orleans Saints. It seems to be the place were he learned his craft . Which is not good. Jimmy Grahm is washed up but he did play for the Saints, Ted Ginn,? He needs to make the playoffs or he’s got to go.

  6. Well Pace, the previous GM’s had full support of the Bears ownership too and the Bears still have yet to have any offensive production!

    Congratulations on joining the legacy of only building half a team and struggling in the playoffs.


  7. Ryan Grigson felt the same while ruining Andrew Luck’s legendary career

  8. Never forget it was Ernie Accorsi who the Bears hired to find them a GM. He’s the guy who suggested the Bears hire Pace. Then the Lions hired Accorsi to find them a GM. He called Bob Quinn the best GM interview he ever had.

  9. He put this team in a bad position with lack of understanding of drafting and free agency.

  10. Seems to me, guys that actually have full support from their bosses/owners don’t need to talk about & are not asked about it.

  11. As a Bears fan, I’m not making excuses for Pace but Jerry Angelo was worse and he got the Bears to a Super Bowl or at least didn’t screw things up enough to prevent it. Maybe in this asterisk of a season we can make a run. Doubtful, but you never know.

    There’s only one solution. We need a change of ownership to change whatever culture is not working in Halas Hall.

  12. ringheadcrusher says:
    Factor #1: Mitch Trubisky
    Factor #2: Bad trade for Mack
    Bad GM
    Got rid of Robbie Gould

  13. You gotta hand it to Pace in one aspect: He has carried on the Bears legacy of being HALF A TEAM:

    For the last 34 years, Bears have been one side of the ball or the other. Usually good on defenae and EMBARRASINGLY awful on defense. The TWO TIMES in the last 34 years when they had a HIGH SCORING EXPLOSIVE OFFENSE (’95 and ’13) the defenses decided to suddenly crap out.

    If there is a God,I’m convinced he’s a Packers fan.

  14. The Biscuit Blunder will go down as one of the all-time boneheaded draft moves. I had Watson, along with most people, as the #1 QB, or even player. People are slamming him on hindsight with Mahomes, but I don’t really remember any draftniks having Mahomes over Watson.

    Either way, to give up additional assets to move up one spot and pass on both Watson and Mahomes will go down in infamy. He could have traded back 5-8 spots and still got any of the QBs.

    I called it when Biscuit was drafted that he, Pace, and Nagy wouldn’t all make it through his 5th year option year, and this is year 4. They already declined Mitch’s option, Pace is on the hot seat, and Nagy in year 3 is looking awful. He’ll be fired if Pace goes.

    Bears need to clean house and rebuild. That defense has one great year left in it, maybe two if they get lucky.

  15. Ryan Pace will always be remembered as the GM who traded UP to #2 for Mitch Trubisky, when he could’ve easily, just stood pat or even traded DOWN and taken Patrick Mahomes or Deshaun Watson.

  16. THAT’S the kind of drafting prowess we’re looking for – signed, Cleveland Browns

  17. Trubisky, Mack, Nagy and the Bears 4-0 against Matthew Stafford and his over decade long career of failure in Detroit. They are also undefeated against the Vikings, that’s 8-0 against 2/3rd’s of the division. The Lions have 9 wins in those two seasons, you should focus on your perennial losers kiddo.

    Also, the amount of posts you submit under new names is real noble work you’re grinding out over being salty about always being wrong on here about literally EVERYTHING, you’re stupid COVID names/posts included.

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