Tyrod Taylor may start, but Anthony Lynn wants Justin Herbert ready

Getty Images

Chargers coach Anthony Lynn said that from a sheer experience standpoint, it was likely that Tyrod Taylor would be his starting quarterback in Week One.

Beyond that, he’s making no promises, making sure rookie Justin Herbert is ready at any point after that.

The first-round pick isn’t being thrown into the lineup the way Joe Burrow is in Cincinnati, but Lynn wants to make sure Herbert doesn’t assume an apprenticeship year.

This young man has got to be ready to play,” Lynn said, via Jeff Miller of the Los Angeles Times. “This is a year of a lot of uncertainty. Every player has got to prepare and be ready to start. . . .

“Him sitting out the whole year, that may not be the case.”

Like every other rookie, Herbert is entering training camp without any on-field work during the offseason, and none on the immediate horizon until teams push through the acclimation period. That has set him behind, but Lynn’s making it clear the reps he gets have to matter.

“We definitely can’t make up for the reps that we missed out on,” Lynn said. “What we can do is try to take advantage of every one of those suckers moving forward.”

If Taylor has any degree of success, Herbert might have time to watch and learn. But if we’ve learned anything this offseason, it’s that things change quickly, and everyone has to be able to adapt.