Antonio Brown: I look forward to new beginnings

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Antonio Brown will not appeal his eight-game suspension. He will serve it and then plans (hopes?) to play the final eight games.

With who? Who knows.

The free agent receiver responded Friday night to news from the NFL earlier in the day.

“I look forward to new beginnings,” Brown wrote on Instagram. “I want to be the best version of myself on and off the field, and I will do my best to be a great teammate. I appreciate the NFL giving me the opportunity to continue to work on myself and improve.

“I am thankful and grateful for this opportunity to play a game that I truly love and I look forward to joining a new team soon. Thank you to my family and all those that have supported me. I will show the fans my appreciation for this second chance by having the best season of my career. #AB2.0 #Himmothy”

Brown has not played since Sept. 15, the only game he played for the Patriots and the only game he played last season. So when he returns, assuming someone will give him a chance, Brown will not have played a game in more than a year.

The league still could extend Brown’s suspension if further violations are found related to an ongoing civil suit in Florida.

55 responses to “Antonio Brown: I look forward to new beginnings

  1. I’m probably in the minority, but I really hope a team takes a chance on him. You may not like him or his antics, but he probably is still in his prime (albeit the tail end) and frankly the league is more fun when he is playing.

  2. I was in Mount Pleasant at Kelly Shorts Field watching you play while my little bro attended college there. You guys even exchanged messages on Facebook. Will Always be a fan Fire Up Chips! Get it AB!!! I get that my Lions have a pretty good arsenal on offense but if Covid gives us some extra Cap come to your second home AB could do big things we have the pieces.

  3. We look forward to never seeing your on again off again retirement and suspensions. Enough already. I for one hope nobody picks you up.

  4. I think most of the people dissing AB are blowing smoke and secretly want their team to be the ones to land him. He WILL be back in the NFL soon, like or not.

  5. If he’s done acting like a lunatic, I am all for him coming back. However, I have my doubts that Antonio Brown can play the part of a rational human being for any extended period of time.

  6. This is a sad story but he’s like a guy leaving an AA meeting and buys a fifth on the way back to his home.
    I wish him well.
    CHANGE is the toughest things a human being will ever do because it involves changing their entire lifestyle.
    It’s a moment by moment challenge.
    I quit smoking 7 years ago.
    That was a real bitch.

  7. ENOUGH of these primadonna WRs and their MONUMENTAL egos, their disruptive behavior and their Me, Me, Me attitudes. I sure hope he doesn’t end up in Tampa Bay where he will only be a cancer on that team and a detraction for Brady’s career. Let’s all just hope no team takes this jerk. Let him go do push-ups in the driveway with T.O., another egomaniacal WR. Geesh. What happened to his boasting and bragging about how he was “through with the NFL?” If only! It’s so sad to see talent like his wasted on a pee brain like this loser….

  8. People did not forgive his story with the Raiders. From then on, it was downward spiral.
    His ex girlfriend who was blinded by his money, a tweet that got him off from NE while he had momentum, a journalist from who portray him as a rapist without trial.
    People did feast on his emotional weaknesses.
    Make no mistake about it. He paid a fair share of his due, and we’ve seen far worse from a lot a players in this league.
    This man will come back in the NFL and confound a lot of detractors.

  9. He has not been right since he was hit by Burfict. The Idiot Raiders sign AB and sign VB right after….how stupid do you have to be as an organization not to see that is not going to turn out well?

    I wish the guy well and hope he is back to play and stays safe. As a fan of the game you have to respect the lives of the players.

  10. We can all learn a lesson from observing AB. Appreciate what blessings we have instead of coveting what we don’t and blaming others for it.

    Build yourself up without tearing others down.

    Enjoy ever day because time stops for no man. Hard work is not only a means to an end, it is an end in itself.

    When you’re dead, you’re dead. Your legacy is forever.

  11. Obviously, he has mental issues, so don’t be so quick to judge. The Birds and Hawks welcome you. Let’s get this trophy!

  12. We have seen the best version already, and second chance ? Has had second, third, fourth chances to show who he really can be.

  13. I hope no Team gives him an opportunity. He screwed the two teams that did – Raiders and Patriots

  14. How come no one is asking the most important question? When this guy gets signed again, what helmet is he going to use? It’s the question keeping me up at night.

  15. I honestly believe that the hit he took in the head from Vontaze Burfict did lasting damage. He was always immature but now he’s unstable. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has CTE.

  16. I dont know how I feel about him getting back into the league. If it’s going to keep him out of trouble great. But I am worried about cte. And while everyone is calling him an idiot and making jokes. He is not right mentally and may never be right again. I hope this to end well for him.

  17. I think the NFL can get along with out the antics of AB. A great talent, but?? Too many buts.

  18. Ron Jull says:
    July 31, 2020 at 11:15 pm
    Its too bad he retired.

    I didn’t realize you could officially retire via Instagram.

  19. nite2al says:
    Obviously, he has mental issues, so don’t be so quick to judge.

    If he truly has mental issues they are serious ones based on his extended pattern of inexcusable behavior.
    Instead of playing pro football, he probably should be devoting much of his time to getting serious psychological assistance of a nature extending far beyond just seeing a therapist once or twice a week.
    Please, spare me the old cliché about how “he needs to be around the game” to keep him focused and distracted from further misadventures. The NFL is a high-stress, competitive and combative environment where opponents and the media can’t wait to take advantage of your next misstep. That’s the last thing someone with his uncontrollable mental and temperament issues needs in his life.
    Until he himself seeks tangible help, giving a guy like Antonio Brown a stage and spotlight is the very definition of enablement.

  20. He knows there won’t be any pro football this year, or at most, one game before the league-wide Covid outbreak, and wants the free paychecks.

  21. “I look forward to new beginnings,”

    Is that why his next new beginning will be his third in just over a year? Because he looks forward to them?

    BTW, is there such a thing as an “old beginning”? Isn’t a beginning by definition something new?

  22. samapoc says:
    August 1, 2020 at 7:07 am
    Wow is anyone desperate enough for this? Pathetic.
    Yes. Keep in mind that it only takes one idiot coach, GM, or owner to make it happen. That’s why I predict one of Washington, Dallas, or Las Vegas will sign him.

  23. The thing with A.B. is that he attempted to blow up the locker room of the Steelers so he could get out. He then disrupted the locker room of the raiders to get out of his contract so he could go to New England. He begged the Raiders to cut him. Then he was suspended and begged to get back into the league. Thing to remember is that whoever signs him shouldn’t expect loyalty. If it doesn’t go his way he will cause disruption when another team looks better. That’s who he is. Nothing more.

  24. I am looking forward to new beginnings. Translation = I need money so I can continue to be a self centered idiot in style.

  25. Any team who watched HBO’s hard knocks last year, would know not to sign this cancer. Dude acted like a 4 year old victim when the Raiders bent over backwards for him.

  26. Wesley says:
    August 6, 2020 at 1:34 am
    Seattle Is Not Afraid
    Possibly, but they may not be very smart, either.

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