Drew Lock has not tempered his expectations for 2020

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The lack of on-field work at the team facility this offseason has “definitely tempered” Broncos General Manager John Elway’s expectations for the team’s offense this season. It has not tempered quarterback Drew Lock‘s expectations.

“Not being able to be with the guys as much as you normally would is not going to change how I feel going into the season,” Lock said Friday, via Aric DiLalla of the team website. “I still want to do the things pre-COVID that I thought we could do this year. I still want to do those things even though COVID hit the country and hit us and allowed us not to be with each other. Also, the real factor of it is that, yes, we didn’t get enough time with each other. We’re going to have a shortened period of time where we’re going to have to pick up a lot of things extremely quickly. It might not be the prettiest at first, but our job is to make the mistake, learn from it and try not to make that mistake more than once because we really don’t have time to keep making the same mistakes.

“I’m still expecting the same things from us this year because we’re going to put in the extra work to be able to make up for that time lost.”

The Broncos are installing their offense and have only 45 days until their season opener against the Titans.

But Lock has something he didn’t have last year as a rookie: The respect of his teammates. He earned that going 4-1 and passing for 1,020 yards, seven touchdowns and three interceptions.

“For me to be able to feel like what I did last year and the comments from everyone this offseason and just being able to walk into the locker room and feel like I have the respect of everybody, that is 100 percent the one goal that I set for that first year, just gaining respect from this team,” Lock said. “Now that I have that, there’s no worries about personalities [or] making relationships because we all know who I am. I know everybody on this team. I know how they act. I know who they are as person. Now it’s time for ball, to where if I need to jump someone, I’m not the rookie anymore yelling at a third- [or] fourth-year guy. It’s ‘That’s Drew yelling at us. That’s Drew getting on us.’ It’s a whole different mentality behind having a second-year quarterback rather than a rookie quarterback.”

8 responses to “Drew Lock has not tempered his expectations for 2020

  1. It must be tough knowing that at best he will be the second best QB in the West for the remainder of his career. Good luck Drew. You will need it.

  2. I really like the Kid. He has a confidence and charisma about him. I think the Broncos have finally found their guy after wandering the QB desert since SB50. So excited for the season to start.

  3. Donkey fans already have him in the Hall of Fame, they’ll be looking for a new quarterback next year

  4. Have to like his maturity for a young QB. He has the respect of his teammates. I know he has only played 5 games but it’s hard not to be excited. He has the IT factor for sure. Will be fun to watch and see if he can just keep getting better and better. He is already the best QB that they have had since SB50

  5. I was kind of hoping the Raiders were going to draft him. It should be an interesting division.

  6. Well Drew Lock, you are about to run into what every young QB runs into inside the NFL. You might be only played 5 games but now teams have an idea of how to shut you down. Anytime a young QB starts off good, no team actually knows what they have until about year 2 or 3. These defensive coordinators study film all off season trying to figure out a way to stop other teams. Because their job calls for it and if they want to keep a job they better figure things out quickly. Wish you nothing but the best and good luck to you.

  7. Eleven thumbs up and 79 thumbs down? Do you people realize that Mahomes is in his division? Lock couldn’t carry his jock strap on his best day. I repeat…… good luck Lock. You will need it.

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