Mitchell Trubisky intent on proving doubters wrong

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Mitchell Trubisky may have a month or so to keep Nick Foles from stealing his job.

But before it gets to that point, the Bears quarterback has a simple determination.

It’s very motivating,” Trubisky said, via J.J. Stankevitz of “You’re always going to have people writing you off. It just has to light a fire under you, which it has for me.”

He also dropped in the obligatory “I’m just trying to prove everybody wrong” during his videoconference with the media.

There’s always the possibility that those doubters aren’t wrong, though. After Trubisky regressed last season, the Bears brought in a known-commodity who could take his job, even without the benefit of OTAs or a proper offseason.

But the former first-rounder said he wasn’t going to change the way he approaches his job going into the season.

“Every day I show up,” Trubisky said, “I have to prove myself I’m the No. 1 guy for this team.”

Matt Nagy has declared that the competition between Trubisky and Foles was “wide open,” and the lack of preseason games complicates the situation.

13 responses to “Mitchell Trubisky intent on proving doubters wrong

  1. What do you expect him to say, ‘Yeah you’re right, I suck’. ? These guys are taught to answer questions in this way, if you don’t want ‘obligatory’ responses, don’t ask these questions.

  2. When Trubisky sweeps the Lions again this season I wonder if joe will finally seek professional help.

    Trubisky owns Stafford and the Lions.

  3. Don’t know if y’all saw the interview…was supposed to be longer but most of his responses sailed over the reporters heads

  4. I really don’t see how this kid gets so much abuse. He’s beaten my Vikings four times in a row and I believe he has swept the Lions for the past two seasons as well. I think the Bear’s issue is offensive play calling not so much Mitch. Comparing him to Watson and Mahomes just isn’t fair. However, Pace choosing this kid over Mahomes and Watson has to sting now, but I always wonder how those two QBs would perform under Nagy’s poor offensive play calling.

  5. Need to follow the Titans formula from 2019. Mariota was the starter until he wasn’t, around week 5. Enter Tannehill who led them (with thanks to Derrick Henry) to the AFC Championship game. Tannehill’s veteran presence and improved play was significant. Same route available for the Bears. Let Mitch start the season as the #1, with veteran Foles waiting in the wings should Mitch falter. If Mitch goes on a wild ride and is actually leading the team, he stays in. If not, a Super Bowl MVP can take over.

  6. “I think the Bear’s issue is offensive play calling not so much Mitch.”

    I think that is true but also the Bears didn’t spend nearly enough time developing him. He had “project” written all over him and shouldn’t have been drafted that high nor started as a rookie. He went his entire college career without ever once taking a snap under center so he was a total stranger to NFL offenses and things like his footwork were clearly going to need major work. The fact he didn’t completely implode his rookie year shows he has some talent but when exactly did the Bears think he was going to develop? Not very easy to work on fundamentals as the starter.

  7. If the Bears hadn’t traded up for him, and instead drafted him in the 2nd or 3rd round, there wouldn’t be much pressure on him.

    The GM Ryan pace is under a lot of pressure for that trade up to get him.

  8. Mitch couldn’t even beat out Marquise Williams at NC and had to wait until Williams left to get the starters job so there’s that and then there’s the fact he was a “one year wonder” and one year wonders fail 95% of the time in the NFL, so if you just go with the odds you’ll win 19 out of 20 times.

    But one thing I can’t understand is all the talk that the Bears could have drafted Mahomes, well if anyone remembers Mahomes wasn’t even considered to be a 1st round QB at the time and I really and truly believe if Mahomes would have landed on just about any other team he wouldn’t be having anywhere close to the career he’s having in KC, no one else would have let him sit and learn a year and that means more than anything, throwing QB straight to the wolves ruins them and the nearly 70% bust rate for 1st round QBs proves it. Then there’s the fact Mahomes landed with one of if not the best QB coach in the league, Andy Reid and I don’t think Patrick would have developed nearly as good under any other HC especially Nagy. Nagy was over-rated just because of who he worked for.

    BTW for those who complain about Bieniemy not getting a HC job look no further than Nagy and if a team hires Bieniemy as HC they’ll be getting Nagy 2.0 because for those that don’t realize it that is 100% Reid’s offense in KC and the OC is just a pawn, that’s why Nagy isn’t working out as good as expected as a HC and neither will Eric!

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