MLB Commissioner floats possibility of scrapping season

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Baseball has been back for a week. It may not be back for much longer.

According to Jeff Passan of, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred told Major League Baseball Players Association executive director Tony Clark on Friday that baseball could shut down the season, if it doesn’t do a better job of managing the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Miami Marlins have had a major outbreak, with more than half of the roster testing positive. Other teams have had issues, too, with Friday’s Cardinals-Brewers game postponed due to an undisclosed number of St. Louis players testing positive.

Baseball is using the same model as the NFL; neither league has attempted a full-blown bubble, and given the size of the rosters, an NBA-style model isn’t practical. But baseball’s situation has seemed bizarre to say the least, with for example Marlins players not doctors making decisions about whether to play a game in Philadelphia last Sunday once the outbreak became obvious.

The NFL, in comparison, seems far more buttoned up. However, the NFL will entail games with players in much closer quarters than in baseball. If the MLB shuts down, the NFL may want to consider seriously a bubble approach that would put all members of a given team in a hotel, at least until accurate and reliable point-of-care testing has been developed.

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  1. 60 games is NOT a season! Just an attempted money grab as is the upcoming alleged 2020 NFL “season”. This country is an embarrassment. Unlimited testing for pampered pro athletes and average Joe/Jane sits in a car for 8 hours and waits several days for results. I hope all leagues lose their shirts in 2020.

  2. Bubble in rural China. There are complete ghost cities with empty apartment buildings and facilities that an entire American city could move to. It’s the only option. That or Fight Island in Abu Dhabi.

  3. Wouldn’t be a very bright man if he kept it running they should look to replace him if he does

  4. 8 bubbles across country (possibly 4). One division (or two) at each bubble.

    No problem as you can have games on saturday, sunday, and monday… potentially double or triple headers on any of the days to play the 2-4 games needed per bubble.

    You split the season into six sections.

    Play half your division games (if 2 divisions, play any games against that division), then travel to opposite conference and play all four there, then you continue the divisional to and fro until the final 3 games where you finish your schedule against your division.

    Note, each team only plays teams from five conferences in a season as three from the opposite conference are never played. Thus those four other divisions you play plus your own division split into two sections (first and last).

    Extend the season so you have 3-4 bye weeks. Just in case you need to delay a game, you can possibly make it up.

    Be prepared for the season to be ‘not fair’ as a few or more teams might not be able to play all their games.

    Then in playoffs have 2 bubbles. One for afc and one for nfc.

    Season might not be over until March, but who cares?

    The season might not be possible, but something like this would be their best bet.

  5. I’ve been suggesting a divisional bubble scenario for months. It looks more likely that high school football, and possibly college, will not be played this year.

    That opens up Fridays, most of Saturday, all of Sunday, and Monday night games. Hypothetically, a Thursday night, Friday night, on Saturday and Sunday you give both CBS and FOX a 1pm and 4pm game, then a Saturday and Sunday evening game, and Monday night.

    That’s nine games broadcast on TV a week in a time period when networks have very little new content to air, compared to a normal six. Yes, the 384th airing of a Big Bang Theory episode may get bumped, but NFL has the clout with the networks to modify the broadcast schedule.

    No fans, so it’s not like you’re changing anyone’s travel arrangements. Regardless, I don’t think there’s a chance of the NFL playing all 256 regular season games in 2020 without drastic changes to their game plan.

  6. While the NFL only plays once a week, which seems far easier than MLB who play daily, how will the league and teams control the players Monday to Saturday? Most of these guys are numbskulls.

  7. Still can’t believe someone thought it was a good (and VIABLE) idea to have 30+ teams traveling cross country, and that by following elementary rules like wash your hands, wear masks and social distance would be enough to not put a team at risk.

    For crissakes, 60 games can be played in about 75 days in a bubble if they really wanted. Tack on another 45 for abridged playoffs. Isn’t that pretty much the amount of time the NBA teams are spending in a bubble? Why the insistence on playing AT the team stadiums? You HAVE NO CROWDS. That’s the whole point of a stadium, to pack in fans.

  8. Shut it down and all sports. No money is worth the loss of a human life. All sports could go back 20 to 25 years and play replays for an entire season. Let the fans see other games they would not normally see. This would help all sports and increase their interest in other teams. Get creative commissioner’s it is not that hard to get through this year.

  9. The owners are probably terrified. If even one game is played they agreed to honor all guarantees. Dak will get his full $31 million. Thanks Jerry!

  10. MLB Commissioner floats possibility of scrapping season

    No loss there!

    Batter takes the pitch, it’s a ball 1-0
    Batter backs out of the box, grabs his crotch, spits, adjust his gloves, spits and grabs his crotch again and steps back in.
    Batter takes the pitch it’s a strike now it’s 1-1
    Wash, rinse, repeat several hundred times for 3hr or more = NO ONE CARES, baseball has turned into a JOKE!

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