NFL, NFLPA deal to be signed “hopefully today”

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One week ago, the NFL and NFL Players Association worked out an agreement on a revised Collective Bargaining Agreement that accommodates pro football in a pandemic. As of this moment, the formal paperwork still hasn’t been finalized.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the agreement will be signed “hopefully today.”

If that happens, the opt-out deadline will arrive next Friday, August 7. This means that all players have another full week, at a minimum, to make their irrevocable decision as to whether to play or to not play in 2020.

More players than most expected already have opted out. Whether and to what extent more do remains to be seen. For now, they have at least one full week to decide.

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  1. I certainly would opt out under the proposed circumstances. The only way I would play is if a bubble concept was implemented, face shields and masks mandated, and protocols strictly enforced. It seems to be too complicated, but it seems to me the best way.

    Why not create 8 division bubbles across the country, 4 division teams going to an empty college campus for example? Quarantine everyone upon entry, and play 6 straight weeks, each division foe twice. After the first bubble session is complete, there could be a triple bye week. The top two teams from each division advance to a conference bubble. 8 bubbles goes to 4. Repeat the process and play 6 straight games. After another triple bye, the winners of those bubble divisions creates a Playoff Bubble of 8 teams, 4 from the AFC and 4 from the NFC.

    Far from perfect, or even realistic, this type of bubble concept seems to be the only way to somewhat safely and effectively complete an entire season during a global pandemic.

  2. If the opt out agreement has not been signed by both parties, (NFL and NFLPA) can those who have opted out already change their mind before they do sign?

  3. On a radio show on KFAN with Paul Allen, Florio mentioned that he was getting whispers that there is a group of high-profile players who were all going to opt out at the same time, and that he was working on reporting more about that. I wonder if this agreement is the thing that those players are waiting for. It will be interesting to see what happens when this agreement is made. Whether or not there is a huge group ready to go, I do think a lot of individual players are waiting on this.

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