NFL’s chief medical officer doesn’t rule out putting all players in hotels

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As the NFL deploys what chief medical officer Allen Sills calls a “virtual bubble,” there’s a chance that the bubble will harden, at least locally.

Pressed on the possibility of putting all players, coaches, and essential staff in a hotel in order to minimize the possibility of a player catching the virus away from work and bringing it to the facility, Dr. Sills said during a Friday visit to #PFTPM that all options are on the table.

It would be difficult for players to leave their families and to live in a hotel indefinitely, and it likely would require further negotiations with the NFL Players Association and modified opt-out rights, given that no player signed up for sequestration. But the current approach entails a degree of risk that would be reduced if players remain with the team; thus, the chances of getting all 256 regular-season games played would be enhanced if the players and coaches aren’t going home at the end of the work day.

The league is committed to pursuing the current approach unless and until circumstances require a change. With a full-blown, NBA-style bubble impractical, the next best thing could be a localized bubble that entails players shuttling between hotel and practice facility until the time comes to travel to the site of a game.

Again, it would be difficult for the players and coaches and other personnel to make that sacrifice. But if the alternative is lost games, lost weeks, and possibly a lot season, it’s worth considering — especially if the current approach shows signs of collapsing.

3 responses to “NFL’s chief medical officer doesn’t rule out putting all players in hotels

  1. What about the players family?

    Do they get to see them during teh season?

    How do you monitor who their family members interact with?

    Kids see their grand parents? Hmmm. Thats an infection risk, did the grandparents self isolate for 2 weeks?

    Wife visits her sibling, hmm, Thats an infection risk, did the sibling self isolate for 2 weeks?

    There are A LOT of people involved, this sounds like it will be difficult to pull off.

  2. Does anybody really believe the players would sign off on 4+ months away from home? It’s one thing to do a bubble like the NBA and NHL are, where it’s over within a couple months and the number of players involved constantly decreases with every playoff round, but it’s a totally different story to try it for an entire regular season in a sport where the rosters are 3 times bigger than basketball and hockey.

  3. People are talking about them not wanting to sign off on it and what about their family. If they want to play and the NFL wants to make this money, it’s probably the best course of action. Military members get deployed for longer to foreign lands without their families far, far away, and they don’t have millions on the line. This peace mill approach is just going to end up like baseball if they stupidly go that route because all it takes is one group to be like we’re going to the strip club this week to bond as a team. Why do we care. We’re 3-9.

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