Nick Foles never had a discussion about opting out

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The rumors of Nick Foles‘ opting out were greatly exaggerated.

The Bears quarterback never even considered it and instead will battle Mitchell Trubisky for the starting job. Foles, 31, has a newborn but toured the facility to see the precautionary measures the team is using in Halas Hall.

“There was never a discussion about opting out,” Foles said Friday, via NFL Media. “My wife and I both felt great pursuing being in Chicago and being here.”

Foles is “right at home” in the team’s offense already.

Bears coach Matt Nagy was a quality control coach in Philadelphia in 2012 when Foles played for the Eagles, and four years later, the two were together again in Kansas City when Nagy was the offensive coordinator.

The competition for the starting job is wide open.

“I think the big thing is just don’t focus on winning,” Foles said. “The big thing is focus on getting to be myself out there on the field. When a play is called, playing to the best of my ability.

“It’s been a year since I was in that sort of offense, but it’s nice to have that verbiage and have this feel and understand why we’re doing it; this is how we do it; this is the history. Because the history of the Philly offense came from K.C., we evolved it in Philly but coach Nagy brought the K.C. offense here, and it’s become the Bears Offense.”

The Bears set the stage for the quarterback battle by trading a fourth-round pick for Foles and declining Trubisky’s fifth-year option for 2021.

Foles has a Super Bowl MVP award and playoff success with the Eagles, but he has never started more than 11 games in a season. He is playing for his fifth team in nine seasons.

9 responses to “Nick Foles never had a discussion about opting out

  1. I think Trubisky is the better play here. Foles may have a lower floor at this point than Mitch, but I think Mitch has a higher ceiling.

    Let’s say Nick Foles starts and gets you to the wildcard round. Now you have to keep him around at over 20 a year for the next two seasons knowing he’ll be a modern day Andy Dalton.

    If you start Trubisky maybe he uses the Foles trade as inspiration and steps up. If not, you know you need to move on from both guys in the offseason.

    The worst thing the Chicago Bears could do is recreate the Jay Cutler era by keeping a mediocre QB around just because there’s a chance the replacement you pick may be worse.

  2. Foles’ ceiling is obviously Super Bowl MVP. Trubisky is there as the backup in case Foles misses a month and they need someone who can go 2-2 or possibly 3-1 in a pinch.

  3. There is no QB competition here, Nick Foles was brought in to save the coaches job. Simple as that. Now if Mitch Trubisky handles himself right and learns behind Nick, we all know Nick will not complete the whole year. That will be a great chance for Mitch to take over and lead the team the rest of the way. It will be Mitch’s last chance for a possible future contract with if not the Bears maybe another team.

  4. Please opt out! Spare your family from covid and us Bears fans from your awful play.

  5. An elite “O-line” gives a QB a fighting chance. Then it’s up to the QB to show what he can do. Nick showed that he can beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl……a very high-scoring Super Bowl.

    Nick is so much better than Trubisky.

  6. I dont really follow the Bears, but a common issue for that team has been prevalent for over 10yrs. They do not invest in a strong offensive line. I can think back a good 6-8 seasons where whomever was at QB was almost always having to scramble or protect themselves. If they dont invest in a line it will continue to be a revolving door position at QB.

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