Baseball’s Cardinals have four more positive tests

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For those of you inclined to wonder about the link between stories of MLB COVID-19 outbreaks and football and/or to complain about the presence of baseball stories on this platform, there are obvious reasons for tracking baseball’s struggles with the coronavirus. Like football, baseball isn’t using a bubble. Unlike football, baseball players don’t spend the entire game breathing, coughing, sweating, spitting, and/or bleeding on each other.

In the wake of Friday night’s report from that MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred is considering shutting the 2020 season down, now reports that at least four more members of the St. Louis Cardinals organization have tested positive. As a result, Saturday’s game between the Cardinals and the Milwaukee Brewers has been postponed.

Friday’s Cardinals-Brewers game was postponed after two Cardinals players tested positive. That game was moved to Sunday, as part of a doubleheader consisting of seven-inning games. It now seems possible if not likely that Sunday’s let’s-play-two vibe will become let’s-play-none.

Baseball now has two outbreaks among its teams. For the Marlins, more than half of the players have tested positive.

For football, these situations underscore the value of considering a hardened, local bubble, with all members of a given team staying at a hotel indefinitely, confining their movements from hotel to practice facility to hotel, until the time comes to expand that footprint to include stadiums.

The crystal-ball question that the NFL must resolve entails balancing the chances of playing a full season with players and coaches going home every night against the likelihood of getting the games in if players and coaches and other essential staff isolate themselves from a country that lacks the will to do what needs to be done to limit the spread of the virus, thanks to politicians and other assorted charlatans whose wrong-headed proclamations about the pandemic have directly contributed to its spread — and to the sickness and/or death of thousands of Americans who made the mistake of believing the bullshit.

15 responses to “Baseball’s Cardinals have four more positive tests

  1. if the NFL plays one game, then every guaranteed contract is fully payable.
    Dak Prescott gets $31 million if they play on game.

    Would you as an owner be willing to do that?
    Lets see how MLB does in the next few weeks.
    If I was an owner I’d have my finger on the abort/eject button.

  2. Baseball is as bad as I expected football to be, and I’ve been saying all summer that the NFL season was a terrible idea.

    No bubble, no season, and it’s already too late to start one. Time to start thinking about 2021.

  3. A bubble is a good idea. But….
    What kind of security staff will you need to be able to contain football players? All reports indicate that players from each sport that has resumed have managed to break the quarantine. Now imagine trying to stop a roster the size of an NFL team, not to mention the size of the players themselves. These are millionaire alpha males who haven’t really been subject to daily discipline since high school.

  4. Just cancel the season, MLB will end up with every team having an outbreak by the end of the season.

  5. I’ve been as optimistic as possible about the NFL having a season. But this really isn’t looking good. I highly doubt that the NFL will make it through the end of training camp without half of every team testing positive.

  6. A big problem is the small amount of games football teams play.

    If a baseball team needs to cancel a few games, they can be made up. But what if a football team needs to cancel just two games? Then what?

    If I’m Goodell and the owners, I’m seriously considering making plans for spring football. It seems too late for a bubble.

  7. why33 says:
    If I’m Goodell and the owners, I’m seriously considering making plans for spring football.

    If the virus is still around at high levels in the spring then you can’t play. If it’s under control by then, what are young to do: Play all spring and into the mid-summer, then go straight back into camps in late July for the 2021 fall season?
    If they don’t play this fall there will be no football until the fall of 2021 at the earliest.

  8. Play the entire season using computer simulations! Have a computer generated Super Bowl and wait for a vaccine so next year can be real!

  9. Trying to play these games is a fool’s errand. MLB, NFL, probably NBA sooner or later.

  10. People still watch baseball? I truly thought this virus would accelerate its demise.

  11. Would be interesting to know the following #’s on professional sports players who have tested positive for Covid:

    •irreparable damage
    •career ending symptoms
    •how many are capable of continuing career

  12. “jimmygeewhiz says:
    August 1, 2020 at 4:55 pm

    Trying to play these games is a fool’s errand. MLB, NFL, probably NBA sooner or later.”

    Ok Jimmy, you’ve made that clear throughout PFT today. Time to take a break and go wash your hands for 20 seconds.

  13. I watched a baseball game yesterday (Astros v Angels). It was well played and I did enjoy it but the lack of fans ( not cardboard cutouts) and the constant unvarying drone of piped in crowd noise was a constant reminder of how this was a pretense of normalicy in an unnormal world in the time of Covid19. The danger lies in how easy it is for far too many people to think this pretense is real and there is no problem when there are too many demagogues for whom political survival depends on an electorate who wants to pretend that there is no problem the deaths of 170,000 has nothing to do with them and those whom they still want to support. I love baseball but not at that cost.

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