C.J. Mosley opts out for 2020

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Jets linebacker C.J. Mosley, their premier defensive free-agent acquisition of 2019, has decided not to play in 2020.

Rich Cimini of ESPN.com reports that Mosley has opted out of the season. Mosley made his decision due to “family health concerns,” according to Cimini.

Mosley signed a five-year, $85 million contract with the Jets. He appeared in only two games last season, due to a groin injury suffered during a dominant Week One performance against the Bills.

He bumps a $6 million salary from 2020 to 2021. That, in turn, will nudge his 2021 base salary of $16 million to 2022.

Earlier this year, Mosley received a $10 million roster bonus. He made $8.5 million in 2019.

Mosley’s decision comes a week after the Jets traded safety Jamal Adams to the Seahawks.

28 responses to “C.J. Mosley opts out for 2020

  1. I guess that $10 million roster bonus will allow him to navigate these troubled financial waters.

  2. $18.5 million for 2 games. Unreal. CJ just wants to do the right thing but I’m guessing he’s keeping the $10 million.

  3. Alot of these players that got their roster bonuses are going to be the ones to sit back and take the year off. Doubtful the season happens anyway.

  4. The Jets need to bank that cap saving and roll it over to pay him next year.

    Maccagnan badly hurt the team in 2019, thanks to Chris Johnson not firing him when he fired Todd Bowles.

  5. Dominant performance in week 1?!? Lol. Stop looking at the box score. He had a whopping four tackles and his pick six was only because his man had the ball go off his hands and land in Mosleys. He’s a good player, nothing more.

  6. What is the over under for 100 players opting out by the deadline? Didn’t Simms originally say a handful, under 10?

  7. The NBA is having a difficult time with their smaller teams in the Orlando bubble. MLB is a disaster as the Cards and Marlins are already down, showing entire teams going city-to-city won’t work. College players are deciding the risk isn’t worth it. The season may still happen, but don’t expect it to start even by October. We need a vaccine.

  8. Nfl players are opting out left and right but what they don’t know most fans already have

  9. “J.E.T.S. Just End The Season.”

    That seems likely to happen. The jets are so bad they’re now causing global pandemics to end the season because the pandemic is less painful than watching the Jets

  10. Wow. Great time to be a Dolphins fan.

    Our future looks bright while Bills, Jets and Pats don’t appear to be a concern long term……at all.

    Buffalo will likely get their *division title* this year. After that they will be just a foot note between Brady Pats and Tua’s Dolphins. At least Josh Allen can run, lol, thank god he’s not accurate.

  11. He got a $10M bonus in March and another $8.5M guaranteed on his deal.

    He may be the smartest player in the league.

  12. By opting out he’s playing 3/4’s of a game less than last year.. this year is a bargain the jets are paying him only $10 million not to play

  13. Waaaaaaay better to have guys playing hard for their payday, as opposed to these guys who get their big deal and just pack it in.

  14. andymannfl says:
    August 1, 2020 at 2:34 pm
    $18.5 million for 2 games. Unreal. CJ just wants to do the right thing but I’m guessing he’s keeping the $10 million

    Of course he’s keeping it. Unless he retires, or otherwise breaches his contract, that money is his.

  15. Baseball is on the verge of shutting down again. I’m not confident the NFL can make this work and play games.

  16. Another Ravens Pro Bowler who took the $ and becomes a bust…. You repay a team who pays you big money, after an injury year by opting out. What a bum.

  17. Maybe, just maybe, he wants Gase to be, you know, fired. He wouldn’t be the first.

  18. The defense was just fine with out him. As a jets fan he’s an overrated OVERPAID downhill LB zero coverage ability. Didn’t want him last year don’t want him now. Idk how the cap savings will workout but were a better team without Mosley that I do know.

    Plus Avery Williamson is coming back who’s just as good and 1/2 the price.

    Joe D not panicking. We’ll be alright

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