Drew Brees sidesteps whether 2020 will be his last season

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It’s become a given in league circles that 2020 will be the final season of Saints quarterback Drew Brees‘ first-ballot-Hall-of-Fame career. Brees isn’t ready to give in to that line of thinking, however.

Speaking to reporters for the first time during training camp, Brees sidestepped the question of whether he’s reaching the end of the line.

“Man, I’m not looking past one day at a time,” Brees said, via Larry Holder of TheAthletic.com.

Brees also addressed one of the lingering questions about his arsenal of throws: Whether he can still throw the deep ball.

Via Holder, Brees explained that, if the opportunities are there, he’ll let it fly. If not, he’ll check down to a shorter route. He also said that he had more opportunities to throw it deep in the previous few years than recently.

While this could be a chicken-egg situation, he’s quite possibility had fewer opportunities because of the age-based erosion of his deep-ball skills. Often, Taysom Hill gets the call when the throw is going to stretch the field.

But maybe that will change in 2020. Brees said that he’s been working on the deep ball since March, and that he’s had some “moments of discovery” during the offseason.

Starting in six weeks and one day, we’ll all discover whether that means more deep balls that make it to the target from Brees, when the 41-year-old squares off against 43-year-old Tom Brady to start the season.

12 responses to “Drew Brees sidesteps whether 2020 will be his last season

  1. For all that he’s done on and off the field for New Orleans, he could retire in the middle of a game this year and I wouldn’t say one harsh word about him. This offseason just showed how unappreciative of a fundamentally decent guy a lot of people in that locker room, city, and country are.

  2. I still can’t believe the Saints let Teddy walk and gave up 10+ years of solid, winning QB play, at worst.. to have one, MAYBE two, more years with an aging Brees. They’ll regret this.

  3. I like it, 2020 should be Brees last season but he’s still got desire to finally get that 2Dat. If the 2020 season is cancelled he will probably come back for 2021 to get his last shot at it. Still a bummer for Brees, Brady, Rivers, and Roethlisberger though. Cant assume we’ve got multiple years for any of them left.

  4. manderson4150 says:
    August 1, 2020 at 12:27 pm
    It’s a shame he caved.

    I’m still upset about that. Brees didn’t say anything wrong then folded like a chair. I joke with my family that this is Malcolm Jenkins’ team now.

  5. Why ask him anything, are you guys trying to get him in more trouble? Besides he will just change his answer shortly after the interview.

  6. I would not count him out for a 2021 season too quick, let’s see how this one goes. May even surprise us with the deep pass, maybe a timing adjustment for diminished velocity to avoid underthowing.
    I attribute his “caving” to being a big enough person to do it for the sake of the team, which takes a selfless big man to do,total commitment to the goal of superbowl championship.

  7. Drew Brees sidesteps whether 2020 will be his last season

    Why wouldn’t he sidestep a silly ( ! ) question like that, they haven’t even played a single game of the 2020 season yet?

    I really miss the time when reporters were limited to time to talk to the players, it kept them from asking as many dumb questions and kept them more focused to things that really mattered, like the current or upcoming season!

  8. “Often, Taysom Hill gets the call when the throw is going to stretch the field.”

    Not bad for a guy with 13 career pass attempts.

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