J.J. Watt: Body feels as good as it has felt since 2014, 2015

Getty Images

Some people took up baking while spending extra time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, but Texans defensive end J.J. Watt spent his time a different way.

Watt said that the quarantine time left him with “literally nothing to do but work out every day” and he took advantage of that opportunity to get his body in its best condition in many years. Watt said he “tried to fully transform my body” and feels good about the results of that effort.

“It truly has been one of the best offseasons from a workout standpoint that I’ve ever had, and I’m very, very pleased about it,” Watt said, via ESPN.com. “My body feels as good as it has felt since probably 2014, 2015, somewhere around there. So I’m really looking forward to getting into camp and just getting to work.”

Watt won the defensive player of the year award in each of those seasons, so the Texans are likely happy to hear that he feels like he’s turned back the clock physically this offseason.