NFL’s investigation of Antonio Brown remains open

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As the dust settles on the eight-game suspension imposed by the league on free-agent receiver Antonio Brown, one thing is clear: There’s still plenty of dust floating around.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the league’s investigation regarding whether Brown committed sexual assault and/or rape of his former trainer remains open. According to the source, no conclusions have been reached in that investigation. If a further violation is found, Brown would be subject to further discipline.

The league’s position on that allegation against Brown means several things. First, it means that the league’s investigation has to date been inconclusive. In other words, after interviewing the alleged victim, interviewing Brown, and engaging in other relevant steps to explore the situation over the past 11 months, the league can’t decide whether Brown did or didn’t do what he’s accused of doing.

Second, it means that, based on the ongoing litigation, further action could be taken against Brown. The league is leaving the door open presumably to avoid the possibility that it will exonerate Brown, and that Brown will then be found responsible in civil court. And so it appears that the league will wait for the civil case to conclude before making a final decision.

The obvious message to Brown is this: Settle the case. If the civil case goes away with no further evidence generated (and, as part of the settlement, an agreement that the alleged vicim will speak to no one about the situation), the league most likely won’t take further action against Brown.

Third, it seems apparent from the league’s announcement regarding Brown’s suspension that he will not be placed on the Commissioner Exempt list, pending the outcome of the civil case. That vague possibility kept teams from signing Brown last season. As a practical matter, it already has forced him to serve a 14-game unpaid suspension.

The question now becomes whether a team will sign him before, during, or after his eight-game suspension. Regardless, by the middle of the 2020 season, his suspension will be served.

9 responses to “NFL’s investigation of Antonio Brown remains open

  1. “The obvious message to Brown is this: Settle the case.”

    Right. So let the general public assume he’s guilty instead of fighting a false claim if he believes he’s innocent. Especially after the police investigated and DECLINED to press charges.

    The obvious message that you are sending to people is that you can falsely accuse sports stars and get paid even after police refuse to lay charges. No thank you.

  2. I believe the 8 game suspension doesn’t start until he’s actually signed to a team.

  3. I don’t like how the NFL lets players float in limbo.
    If they did something, dish out punishment.
    None of this vagueness nonsense.
    He’s missed last year.
    He will miss at least half of this year.
    Decide on a punishment, announce it, and implement it.

    Instead the Goodell and NFL dance around, and make stuff up as they see fit.
    It’s the opposite of just. Its unjust.
    If 8 games aren’t enough then suspend him 12 or 16 (the entire season).

    But don’t make vague statements and imply future punishments.

  4. Can someone please let me know when Antonio Brown rescinded his retirement? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. As far as I know, he’s retired anyways, so this doesn’t matter in terms of NFL concerns

  5. helena says:
    Can someone please let me know when Antonio Brown rescinded his retirement? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. As far as I know, he’s retired anyways, so this doesn’t matter in terms of NFL concerns

    Antonio Brown has angrily declared more than once that he was retiring — on his Instagram account. However, to officially retire one must notify the league office and eventually sign retirement papers, which Mr. Brown has never done.
    Even if a player officially retires, he can declare his intent to try and play again.

  6. What a joke eight games . No wonder fans are also opting out. Godel wants to clean up the league so far f minus

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