Joe Burrow lost weight after the draft

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A picture of Bengals rookie quarterback Joe Burrow during an offseason workout showed Burrow appearing to have added muscle this offseason, but Burrow says he’s actually lost a little weight.

Burrow said he weighed 221 pounds at the Scouting Combine and is now about 215 after finding it easier to eat healthy foods while he’s been living in his parents’ basement.

“I actually lost weight post-draft,” Burrow said. “Coming out of the season you’re kind of a soft body. You lose a lot of muscle and you’ve got to keep the weight on and so you gain a little fat. I lost weight throughout the offseason so I feel great right now.”

Burrow looks like he’s in excellent shape, good news for a Bengals team that’s hoping Burrow is the man to get the franchise back in winning shape.

9 responses to “Joe Burrow lost weight after the draft

  1. Not a big deal really, your body weight can fluctuate between four and 6 pounds in a single day

  2. Good thing because he is going to be running for his life at this level of football.

  3. Dwayne Haskins, who beat out Burrow for the starting QB at OSU, also lost a lot of weight this off season and is looking lean and mean. Could easily envision a scenario in which Haskins becomes the best qb in the NFL and Joe is in the top 10. After years of subpar Buckeye QBs coming into the League, now there are top top tier guys.

  4. Not a big deal really, your body weight can fluctuate between four and 6 pounds in a single day

    Not unless you weigh between 300 and 400 pounds or eat 6 pounds of food during the day an drink an entire gallon of water or sweat some tremendous amount.

  5. Haskins is good. My question is, could Haskins have had the best season ever for a college QB if he had been at LSU. I seriously doubt it. Would Borrow been as successful as Haskins if he started at Ohio State. Probably.

    Borrow never really competed heads up against Haskins.

    I’d take Borrow over Haskins anytime.

  6. I guess many here didn’t see his shirtless picture after his work out with other Bengals players. The guy is ripped. Big shoulders, biceps and chest and solid abs. I would put his physique up against all but maybe a very few QBs in the NFL.

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