49ers sign Jordan Reed

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The 49ers are adding to a position of strength.

Veteran tight end Jordan Reed is signing with the 49ers, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

Reed has previously played for 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan in Washington, and he was a Pro Bowl tight end in Washington. Pairing him with George Kittle could give the 49ers the best 1-2 punch at tight end in the NFL, if both players are healthy.

But health is a big “if” for Reed, whose concussion history has raised questions about whether it’s wise for him to keep playing.

Reed, however, wants to give it a go, and the 49ers are willing to give him a chance.

17 responses to “49ers sign Jordan Reed

  1. How can the NFL claim that player safety is paramount and let a player with Jordan Reed’s concussion history play ? !

    He missed the ENTIRE 2019 regular season with 7th “documented” concussion from a hit in the pre-season.

  2. As long as he knows the risks and is okay with that, just like the hundreds of players who aren’t going to opt out for the season I think it’s completely his decision to make.

  3. Terrible decision for his health. Didn’t hear the Hawks have Jamal Adams now? Be careful on that seam route.

  4. It’s just tough as a fan to take the “player safety” issue seriously when the players themselves work so hard to discredit the public concern about player safety.

  5. Too bad he didn’t work out in DC. He was always hurt – not just concussions. The one that knocked him out of the season last year was a total cheap shot (I forget who it was). I think if you cheap shot a guy and get penalized you should sit as many games as the player you injured..

  6. Great player with major medical issues. The 49ers now have two ex Washington players with injury problems. Trent and Jordan can play, but injuries are an issue with both

  7. A lot of judgement on here. It’s his life. His health. There is no way in 2020 he doesn’t know the risks. He’s a grown man and can make his own decisions.

  8. Player safety is and always has been a league initiative to limit liability in any future litigation. It has never anything to do with player safety.

  9. There’s a lot of dangerous jobs out there that people do knowing the risks to their personal health. Miners, oil rig workers, heavy machinery construction, just to name a few. Not to mention fire fighters, police officers, bomb squad technicians, etc… If the man wants to continue in his profession, who am I to judge what he wants to do?

  10. Kittle is better than Ertz. I’m not trying put Ertz down, he’s a great TE. Kittle is just a more complete package. I haven’t seen any TE that blocks as well as Kittle, or enjoys blocking as much as him.

  11. SF should not have signed him. They know his injury history and the severity of his many concussions. It doesn’t matter if Reed wants to play, the team does not have to enable him to self destruct. This is a moral issue.

  12. I agree Kittles is better than Ertz, But Goedert is way better than Reed. So its a push.

  13. Watched every Skins game since he was a rookie… showed flashes then Always gets hurt… always.

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