Ja’Wuan James opts out for 2020

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Broncos tackle Ja'Wuan James, a former first-round pick who signed a four-year, $51 million deal in Denver last year, has opted out for the 2020 season, according to Mike Klis of 9News.com.

Injuries limited James to three regular-season games in 2019, his first with the Broncos. His $10 million base salary will be delayed to 2021, and his contract will toll for a year.

James becomes the latest in a surprisingly large group of players to choose not to play this year. The NFL hopes to close the opt-out window this week.

The 19th overall pick by the Dolphins in 2014, James spent five seasons with Miami before joining the Broncos.

12 responses to “Ja’Wuan James opts out for 2020

  1. It’s mostly these guys with large contracts that were probably gonna get cut, opting out… hey at least they won’t be broke this year…

  2. Denver needs to let this guy walk. Save that cap space for someone that will actually be on the field. That will be a total of 60ish snaps in two years…

  3. Unfortunately, all the rumors of this guy not loving football are true. This was supposed to be his big comeback season after all the injuries. Unfortunately, James is another Elway free agent bust.

    Note to GMs: Rumor or not, if this is said by any NFL employee: “We’ve questioned how much he really loves football”, immediately eliminate him as a free agent signing. Nobody says that about a player unless there is truth to it. Elway heard this rumor, still gambled $51m, and lost (which leaves another question mark on the already shaky Denver OL).

  4. He wasn’t getting cut. He had $27 mil guaranteed on his contract. Cutting him this year (or next year, now) would be $19 mil dead money, and a corresponding $19 mil charge against the cap. Can you imagine that next year with a reduced cap?

    A trade would be their only salvation. If someone would pick up the $10 mil salary, the Broncos would only eat $9 mil ion dead money from the prorated bonus.

  5. As a Broncos fan I think we’d have no problem if decided to make this a career move.

  6. “A trade would be their only salvation”


    No chance any team would trade for him and take on that salary. He is possibly the worst free agent signing in team history.

  7. Worst signing by the Broncos in a very long time, and that’s saying something. The guy was healthy much of last season but refused to play. Fangio stated multiple times on local radio that James was healthy and cleared to play but he refused to even try. Signed the richest LT contract in the league and played a handful of snaps. The Broncos should be able to sue him for every penny they gave him.

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