Pete Carroll on Antonio Brown: Complex situation, need to see how it fits

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Wide receiver Antonio Brown received an eight-game suspension from the NFL last week for violating the Personal Conduct Policy and that provides some certainty about his availability for teams that might be interested in signing him as a free agent.

One of the teams that has come up as a potential suitor for Brown’s services is the Seahawks. There have been reports of interest from the team and quarterback Russell Wilson, who worked out with Brown during the offseason, and head coach Pete Carroll was asked about the wideout during a Monday conference call.

Carroll said General Manager John Schneider is “all over it” and indicated that the team is open to the possibility even if it isn’t rushing to seal a deal right away.

“It’s a very complex situation. We just need to see how it fits somewhere down the road. That’s all I got for you,” Carroll said.

The NFL isn’t done looking into Brown’s off-field behavior, so the eight-game suspension might not be the end of discipline handed down by the league and that possibility could still impact whether or not Brown lands a job in the league this season.

32 responses to “Pete Carroll on Antonio Brown: Complex situation, need to see how it fits

  1. Pete pete pete pete pete… I know you’re a man of the people. a second chance giver, a player’s coach. But this is ridiculous. JUST SAY NO!

  2. Pete, a square won’t fit in a round hole. Don’t even try to make it fit. In the end, it will just be jammed and you won’t get it loose.

  3. Seattle doesnt have issues at WR with Lockett, Metcalf and Dorsett.

    The defensive line especially the edge rusher was one of the worst in the NFL last year. They need to sign one player with elite ability like Clowney or Griffin to be a true Super Bowl contenter. Otherwise its a playoff apperance and bounced.

  4. Pete’s never a guy to come out and say “we don’t want this guy”, that’s as close as he gets. No way they’re interested, unless their top 3 go down.

  5. Brown spent 9 years in the league before he went off the rails and before anyone knew he was crazy. Maybe the Seahawks should insist Brown undergo a psych evaluation before they even begin to talk about bringing him in.

  6. Seems everyone has forgotten what happened when the saints tried to give brown a chance. Totally non compliant, then as per his norm used social media to badmouth them. So glad saints were wise enough to set up a trial before commitment.

  7. We’d have a better prospect in Flash Gordon. Wait for Gordon and leave Brown to seek the Mental Health treatment he desperately needs.

  8. I would say it’s obvious he doesn’t want AB but also, in declining to pursue him, does not want to sound dismissive of his QB.

  9. Pete you are losing some respect for even mentioning a guy of Browns character

  10. Pete have picked up Gordon. There is no reason he will shy away from Brown. Win with any costs. He would go for ex-cons if they have talents.

  11. People say he is ill and they hope he gets help. That’s stupid. He deserves nothing good.

  12. Apparently “integrity” and “accountability” won’t be buzz words coming out of Carroll’s mouth this year.

  13. If only we could have a Presidential ticket of Belichick/Carrol….. Im convinced that those are the two BEST politicians in this country.

  14. He’s just playing nice. There is no way the Seahawks (or any other team) will sign this joker. He’s a cancer.

  15. You don’t know football if you are lobbying against Antonio. Based solely on football, it’s a no brainier. He will produce huge numbers. Bookmark this comment, screenshot it, then come back to it after the season ends. If he plays, his numbers will be great.

  16. The difference between Brown and Gordon? 1. They are in totally different universes, Gordon simply isn’t on Brown’s level. 2. Brown can pass a drug test.

    Gordon won’t stop smoking weed.

  17. Don’t do it Pete! Brown is a team killer! You will get some production, but the cost will be the team when he has a melt down. We saw it on the Pats! BB brought him in, Tommy thought it was great, then when Brown had to go, Tommy had a meltdown, pouted and said BB doesn’t give him talent, & Tommy eventually quit on the season and on the year, and on the team. You can’t build around Brown as you don’t know when his next melt down will be, then you will divide the locker room when you do have to deal with whatever he does.

  18. Calling Mr Big chest a complex situation might be the understatement of the year.

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