Rams to add some scrimmages to camp mix

Getty Images

Players are going to get a chance to acclimate to a new season, and that goes for new buildings too.

According to Jourdan Rodrigue of TheAthletic.com, Rams coach Sean McVay said that his team would hold a couple of scrimmages in SoFi Stadium prior to the regular season opener.

That will give his team a chance to get used to working out of new locker rooms, playing under a new scoreboard and roof, and walking on new turf.

(It will also give Hard Knocks some fresh material, since the league’s behind the scenes reality show can only show so many COVID-19 tests and days of conditioning).

With no preseason games, there’s no chance to work out the kinks in the new stadium, though it’s unlikely they’ll play in front of anything resembling a full crowd for some time.

McVay will hold his first full team, in-person meeting today, under a big tent outdoors at their facility. From there, they’ll have the ramp-up period to allow guys to get back to something resembling football shape.

“With the way we have to operate, that kind of takes care of itself,” McVay said. “We’ve got this eight-day acclimation period [that will run] from Aug. 3-7, those first five days. We’ll give them the 8th off, and then we’ll finish up the 9th, 10th and 11th. We’ll actually give our guys off on the 12th as well.

“You’re talking about the 13th as really the first opportunity — and really, that’s where that ramp-up phase starts — and we’ll be limited and in a ‘phase two’ type of setting where they still can’t go against one another.”

With no contact until Aug. 17, it’s going to be a camp unlike any other, with so much new already on their plates.