C.J. Mosley: Opt out gives me time to get better, mentally and physically

Getty Images

After signing a lucrative contract with the Jets last year, linebacker C.J. Mosley suffered a season-ending injury after playing just two games. This year, Mosley won’t play at all after deciding to opt out of the season because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But next year, Mosley plans to come back better.

Mosley said it was a hard choice but one that he thinks will ultimately be beneficial.

“That’s probably the biggest football decision I’ve made in a long time, probably since I picked what college I’m going to,” Mosley said, via the New York Daily News. “So, that’s a book I got to start writing pretty soon. Figure out what’s the next step. Because [there’s] a lot of negative things people can say as far as me not playing two years,” Mosley added. “And there’s a lot of positive things that are being said… I’m out all year so I have all this time to mentally get better, physically get better, kind of re-adjust and kind of find that flame again.”

The Jets were certainly expecting to get a lot more than two games out of Mosley through the first two years after he signed his contract. Now they have to hope he really is ready to go, physically and mentally, in 2021.