Josh Allen learned a lot from playoff loss to Houston

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Bills quarterback Josh Allen has had a lot of time to reflect on the end of last season and he’s come up with a couple of lessons to apply to the 2020 season.

Allen and the Bills gave up a 16-0 lead to the Texans in the Wild Card round of the playoffs and Allen said on NFL Network Wednesday that he learned “not to press” when in similar situations in the future. He also learned that it is better to be playing at your stadium once you get to the postseason.

“I think number two was the importance of a home playoff game and allowing ourselves to — well, it might be a little different this year — but having a home playoff game where you do have that energy, that excitement on your side and you can feel the momentum swing,” Allen said. “It was very apparent during the game you felt the momentum kind of change and it sucked to be on the other side of that, for once. I learned a lot from that game. Still, every time I see highlights or whatever from it, it just kind of makes me cringe because I know we should have been put in a better position and I know I had a huge part in that. I take it very hard on myself, and I’m using that to motivate me.”

Plenty of people have shared their feeling that the offseason changes in New England have left the Bills with the best chance of winning the AFC East this season. If they can make good on those predictions, Allen will get a chance to find out how much better postseason life is when you’re playing at home.

9 responses to “Josh Allen learned a lot from playoff loss to Houston

  1. On his rookie deal he’s ok. I wouldn’t pay him 28+MM/year.
    Thats how you stay mediocre.
    He needs to improve.

  2. I like Allen’s attitude. But he entered the league with there being questions about his accuracy and he still struggles to complete passes when he has to. (52% completions in that playoff loss.) He’s going to need to learn to complete passes consistently. That’s just how it is.

  3. Enough with the accuracy claims. Josh is 23 years old the Bills were second only to the Dolphins in dropped passes.

  4. “Stats for are losers.”

    It’s very easy to make snap judgements on Allen off his stats but what doesn’t come through is what a pure bred winner this guy is.

    Those of us who have watched every single snap of his know that the sky is the limit and he is an absolute gamer that will do whatever it takes to win.

    He knows his flaws and he has the right attitude and self awareness to understand them and work on them. This kid played in Wyoming for 2 full seasons before the NFL. He was thrown to wolves with nobody on the o-line or receiving core his in 2018 and improved significantly in 2019.

    Allen going into his junior year in the NFL has played as many games as some of the other starting QB’s did before they were drafted.

    The one stat that never gets brought up by Allen detractors… 100% Moxie.

  5. Baloney – much more could have been learned from winning. Reminds of McNabb, after the first of his NFCCG losses, remaining on the sidelines during the loss against the Rams so he could “visualize” what it would be like to win the game. Lot of good that did him.

  6. I remember Josh getting the Bills in field goal position before the phantom holding call in that playoff loss. The same holding penalty could have been called against the Texans on that hail Mary throw by Watson, but wasn’t.

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