Matt Breida declares himself the fastest player in the NFL

Getty Images

Dolphins running back Matt Breida says there’s no one in the NFL as fast as him.

Asked today who the fastest player in the NFL is, Breida said it’s him and he offered as proof the NFL’s Next Gen Stats, which use tracking data on every player’s shoulder pads to measure running speed. Breida’s 83-yard touchdown run last season made him the fastest ball carrier in the league, at 22.3 mph.

“Until someone beats my time, beats me out, I’m still the fastest guy,” Breida said, via the Palm Beach Post.

Breida recently bought himself a Lamborghini, which he says matches his style of play.

“I like going fast,” Breida said. “I run fast. I just like doing everything fast.”

There are other NFL players who have clocked 40 times faster than Breida has, but he says true speed for a football player is measured by what he does on the field. And no player was clocked as fast as Breida last season.