Matt Prater “definitely” thinks he could hit a 65-yarder

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Lions kicker Matt Prater already has the record.

And he thinks he’s more than capable of making the kind of kick that would make him legendary among Detroit beer-drinkers.

Via Carlos Monarrez of the Detroit Free Press, Prater said he was confident he could break his record of a 64-yard field goal, which would send some free suds their way. Bud Light has created a promotion with Broncos kicker Brandon McManus, in which the one who kicks the longest field goal wins free beer for his city.

“It really comes down to just making [every kick] you get the opportunity to make,” Prater said, “and hopefully we get a longer one that Denver does this year.”

Prater set his record in 2013 when he was with the Broncos. And though he’s about to turn 36 and kicks in the Midwest now, he’s still confident he can do it.

I definitely think I could,” he said. “I feel really good this year going into it. I feel like I’m in better shape. I feel better, my leg feels really fresh right now.

“It’s like anything else, as a kicker there’s probably a dozen guys in the league that can make a 65-yarder. It’s just getting the opportunity in an actual game and then coming through on that kick.”

And having the ability to provide free beer for his people only adds to the drama, if he’s in position to try one.

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  1. IF a new record is made for a new longest FG ,I hope its achieved OUTDOORS and also not in the thin Colorado air. Make it stand the test of time and done in true elements.

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