Players can anonymously report violations of COVID-19 protocols

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Colorado State has begun an “immediate and objective” investigation into allegations that student-athletes were “intimidated and threatened” about COVID-19 protocols. The NFL and NFLPA want to avoid the same happening in their sport.

The union sent players a phone number Wednesday, allowing for them to anonymously report NFL teams’ violations of the agreed-upon COVID-19 protocols, Mike Garafolo of NFL Media reports.

The NFLPA can file a grievance on players’ behalves for perceived violations.

The NFL and NFLPA finalized protocols Monday, signing off on changes to the Collective Bargaining Agreement for 2020.

The NFLPA is not the first sport to create a hotline for reporting violations.

The NBA established an electronic anonymous hotline for reporting of violations of safety protocols within their “bubble” in Orlando. Some players have dubbed it the “snitch line.”

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  1. I’d recruit people to use the snitch line to make false reports about the good players on division rivals.
    Get 10 different complaints about the opposing QBs, pass rushers, #1 WRs, and maybe Olinemen.

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