Raiders have Lynn Bowden learning “a lot of things that we do at the quarterback position”

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Lynn Bowden did a little bit of everything on offense while he was at Kentucky and it looks like the Raiders are going to try to tap into his versatility as well.

Bowden was listed as a running back after the Raiders drafted him in the third round in April, but he closed his college career as the Wildcats’ starting quarterback in a run-heavy offense. Offensive coordinator Greg Olson calls him one of “those type of players that played the RPO-style offense in college” and mentioned Taysom Hill while discussing how the team is preparing Bowden for his rookie season.

“Right now, we have him working out of the running backs room,” Olson said, via the team’s website. “He’s meeting with Kirby Wilson, the running backs coach, but also he’s had to learn a lot of things that we do at the quarterback position.”

Many teams talk about introducing new wrinkles to their offense during the offseason without fully implementing them come the regular season. The coming practice weeks will likely determine how often the Raiders explore the full range of Bowden’s abilities during his rookie year.

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  1. Gruden has never, ever successfully developed a QB in his below-average career as a HC. The one truly successful QB he coached with the Raiders and Bucs was Rich Gannon and Gannon came to the Raiders as a result of the fact that Al Davis knew that Gannon ALREADY had prior success in the dink-and-dunk (“West Coast Offense”) scheme that Gruden favors. So Gannon was a ready-made fit. No other QB that’s played under Gruden has ever come remotely close to Gannon’s success and that’s not the fault of the other QBs (including Carr) either.

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