Will Antonio Brown get signed during training camp?

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It’s been nearly a week since the NFL gave receiver Antonio Brown (partial) clarity regarding his status, with an eight-game suspension to be served in 2020 and, potentially, further punishment of an unresolved civil lawsuit accusing him of sexual assault and rape.. Since then, no team has been linked to him in any serious way.

The question becomes whether he’ll be signed during training camp, or whether teams will simply wait until his eight-game suspension ends. Given that he’s currently free and clear to participate in camp, this would be a great opportunity to get him in shape and to teach him the system before a mandatory two-month break.

One problem is that teams still can’t bring in players for tryouts. A team interested in Brown, at this point, would have to simply sign him and hope for the best.

And there’s the issue that, per a league source, currently is keeping teams from hiring Brown. He can say all the right things before he lands with a team. The concern is that, once he does, he’ll revert to being difficult.

For that reason, Brown needs to be signed to a low-risk contract that allows for a stern one-strike approach. Quite possibly, he’ll have to agree to a deal that pays the minimum salary and that ties his ultimate compensation to performance. For now, he may not be interested in that approach.

Regardless, there’s currently no sense of overwhelming interest in Brown. Although injuries and/or COVID-19 positives could change that, it could be that teams will wait until the suspension ends (or is close to ending) before signing him.

27 responses to “Will Antonio Brown get signed during training camp?

  1. I wonder if Antonio Brown could stick to Covid protocols without it turning into a travesty.

  2. “A team interested in Brown, at this point, would have to simply sign him and hope for the best.” That sentence right there from the article tells me the answer is nobody will and besides he is already 32, father time is knocking on the door. Why bother.

  3. Just imagine Antonio Brown doing whatever he wants and bringing COVID-19 into your locker room. Season over.

  4. I sure hope so… the sooner somebody gives him money(dude is broke) … the better the entertainment…

  5. Antonio Brown was on top of the world not too long ago. Widely viewed as the best in the business. Yet the guy lost it. I don’t feel sorry for him at all. The dude only cares about himself. Let him stay unsigned.

  6. Does a player have to be under contract before a the suspension starts? How can AB be suspended without employment?

  7. Who really wants this troubled young man? With the latest issues he has he may be suspended at least a year now. I’m glad my favorite team isn’t even considering him.

  8. Come to the Packers on a Cam Newton deal with incentives reaching $10M if he keeps his nose clean and puts these incidents behind him. Everyone deserves a second-chance, including, lunatics.

  9. I sure as h*ll hope that AB does NOT get signed.
    That would set a precedent that players can commit crimes, act like idiots while giving the NFL and its franchises a major PR black eye, and still somehow have a perceived “right” to a contract with an NFL team.
    Sometimes players must be made accountable for their actions, and/or be made examples of what not to do, and THIS is that time.

  10. It will be Seahawks or nowhere…

    Seattle is acting like a team that is desperate. I kind of respect it, but it seems strange for them to overpay for Adams and then turn around and sign a WR that most other teams won’t touch…

    The Packers could use AB. He’d probably be a better fit there than most places, but I don’t see him being willing to go there (I live in Green Bay) so I am not ragging on the city.

    I’m not sure the Ravens could survive the PR hit… Ray Rice was awhile ago, but that’s a really respectable organization and they’ve fought back to get to where they are since that scandal.

  11. A talent like AB’s is undeniable. But he needs help and he needs to fix himself before he can help anyone. I wish him the best.

  12. Seems VERY odd after everything he’s done that he’s been suspended only 8 games.

    Seems like a lifetime ban would be in order.

  13. The sad thing about players – & people – like AB, is that they never learn to understand what a special opportunity they have, until it’s gone. You have to be older & experienced to know that we ALL go thru phases in life, and when we arrive in a time that our “mojo” is working for us, that is NOT the time to push it or rub the others noses in it. We are “hot” for that moment in time, and people WILL support us IF we are just gracious about it.

    I’ve counciled young people, and this is a hard lesson for ALL young people to learn, we’ve all been there one way or another. Unfortunately, it usually serves to define what our life’s success or failures will be – whatever we do.

  14. Especially in a year where teams are limiting camp attendance, why would anybody bring in a guy who is facing an 8-game suspension? “Wow, you’re looking great, AB. Too bad our season will either be made or broken before you’re available.”

  15. He should sign with KC and turn them around.
    That dude is an exciting mess.
    He’s more talk than bite.

  16. Does a player have to be under contract before a the suspension starts? How can AB be suspended without employment?

    Yes, how can a person who is not employed in the NFL serve a suspension by the league? Further, if he is now suspended for the first eight games, how can he legitimately do business – negotiate – with teams?

    It would seem that his suspension would be for the next eight games a team plays after they sign him. Can anyone address this?

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