Brandon Scherff’s goal is to stay in Washington past this year

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Brandon Scherff‘s going to play out the year on his one-year franchise tag deal, but he said he hoped to stay with the franchise beyond that.

Via Sam Fortier of the Washington Post, the veteran guard said he’d like to stay, even though he can’t do a deal with the team until the end of this season since they didn’t reach a long-term contract by the July 15 deadline. He’ll make $15.03 million this year.

I’m not really worried about that right now,” Scherff said. “I’m just glad I get to play another year here. Like I said, my end goal is to end up as a [Washington Football Team] my whole career. I’m one more year closer to that.”

The 28-year-old guard remains one of the top players at his position, and dismissed the injuries which cost him 13 games the last two seasons, saying he was “feeling really good.”

And even with the transition to new coach Ron Rivera (and many other transitions around there), he said his goal was to stay.

Asked whether he wanted to see how things played out this year before making decisions on the future, he slipped into an old habit.

“I’m honestly not worried about next year at all,” he said. “I want to retire a Re-, . . .  a player of the Washington team the rest of my career. So, just got to focus on the small details and get better as a player, as a group, as a team and everything will fall into place.”

Maybe by the time that happens, he’ll know what to call himself, too.