Chandler Jones targets Michael Strahan’s sacks record

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Chandler Jones made 19 sacks last season. That’s only 3.5 sacks off Michael Strahan’s single-season NFL record.

The Cardinals pass rusher has Strahan’s 22.5 sacks as a target for this season.

“I feel like I’m getting closer and closer,” Jones said in a videoconference Thursday, via Darren Urban of the team website. “I don’t feel older. I had a pretty decent year last year, and I feel even better with this time off, my body got some time to rest. Why not? Why can’t I break the record?”

Broncos pass rusher Von Miller, who has a single-season best of 18.5 sacks, openly talked about breaking the record last year. But Bradley Chubb was injured, and Miller ended up with only eight sacks in 2019.

Strahan set the record in 2001, and Jones calls breaking it “a personal goal of mine.”

“Where I am right now in my career, I definitely feel I have mastered the art of pass rush,” Jones, 30, said. “Half of the battle is just having confidence, knowing no one can block you. You can say it out loud or say it to yourself. Each and every week, I feel no one in the NFL can block me.”

11 responses to “Chandler Jones targets Michael Strahan’s sacks record

  1. I’m always amazed the Jones brothers aren’t mentioned in the same way as the Manning’s and families like that. Jon Jones is arguably the best MMA fighter of all time; brother of Chandler Jones who is chasing glory in the NFL. I think their 3rd brother is also in the NFL. Why is this never mentioned by NFL media? MMA media at least mentions it. Obviously there’s a big crossover between pandemic Saturday UFC viewers and Sunday football…

  2. The average team attempts 35 passes a game.. that’s 560 per year. Even if Jones got 25 sacks in a season, he is getting blocked by everybody he faces way more often than he is getting by them.

  3. If there was going to be an easy year, this would be it.

    Sick players put on temp reserve and some opt outs.

    No real training camp. The Edge can just pin his ears back and go. Blocking, is more of a ‘team’ thing. From the RB to the Oline etc.

    Anything is possible. Even in a shortened season. But it will have an asterisk, just like Strahan.

  4. Makes Reggie White’s 21 sacks in 12 games in 87′ look even more crazy. Not to mention he followed that up with 18 more the next year!

  5. Strahan was great against the run and would always put the team before himself. He never once talked about getting the sack record before he got the sack record. He was also a huge reason the Giants won the Super Bowl in 2007, and was elected to the Hall of Fame as much because of his leadership and respect as his stats (fifth all-time in sacks when he retired).

    Jones is a great pass rusher but has a long way to go before he is ever mentioned in the same category as Michael Strahan.

  6. Jared Allen has the REAL sack record of 22. Strahan only had 21.5 legit sacks.

  7. Given the FA LB personnel the Cardinals acquired recently (in addition to Simmons), his chances just increased significantly because opposing offenses will be distracted with all the other movement and pass rushers… This will be fun to watch!

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