Devonta Freeman “trying to pick the right situation”

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Running back Devonta Freeman hasn’t found a job since being released by the Falcons earlier this year and he shared some of what he’s looking for in a new team on Thursday.

Freeman made an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio and said that he wants to “win so bad” with his next team. He said he feels his experience with Atlanta has left him with the knowledge of what it takes to be a winning team and that he’s “trying to pick the right situation” to make that happen.

He also shared a few other things he’d like to find.

“Picking the right spot where I can be really, really highly utilized and get a real good opportunity,” Freeman said. “The business part with the contracts, of course that’s always up there as well.”

Freeman has been linked to the Seahawks, Eagles and Bucs at various points this offseason, but the Seahawks signed Carlos Hyde and the Bucs landed LeSean McCoy since those reports were issued. That may lead to an even longer wait for Freeman to find a place to continue his NFL career.

12 responses to “Devonta Freeman “trying to pick the right situation”

  1. Dude tried to leverage, discovered he had none and is now scrambling while trying to act like he’s taking HIS time. When will these running backs realize they’re not worth what they think they are.

  2. He averaged 3.6 yds/attempt last season…he was cut for a reason but he thinks a super bowl contender’s gonna drop a boatload of money at his feet?…LOL

  3. I think Dalvin Cook needs to look at this. The reality is good running backs, even great running back’s, simply don’t command the kind of money that they want. There are some random cases like Christian McCaffrey and Adrian Peterson in his prime who teams were willing to build everything around. But that’s just not the case for most teams at this time. This guy is a solid back, and he’ll land a modest contract and continue his career sadder but wiser.

  4. Translation: I overplayed my hand and now I’ll take any job offer that comes my way.

  5. Unless you are a do everything back like McCaffrey you are just a small cog in a bigger machine in today’s NFL. Devonta needs to understand that the RB position is not what it was when guys like Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, etc. played the game. Offenses were built around those guys.
    In today’s pass first offenses the QB gets paid, then the guys that protect that QB. The rest of the money allocated to offense is then spread out among the remaining offensive players. Occasionally an exceptional talent at the RB position will demand large sums of money, but most RBs are plug and play.

  6. This is not 2016…this is 2020 and you are not who you think you were.

  7. Raiders 1-year rental could be a good fit. He and Josh Jacobs would be nasty together.

  8. If he wants the ball a lot, you can cross the Eagles off the list. No way he gets more touches than Miles Sanders.

  9. “trying to pick the right situation” is the newest way of saying I haven’t received any offers yet!

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