Doug Marrone says Josh Allen “gets it”

Getty Images

The Jaguars’ Josh Allen might be the second-most famous Josh Allen in the NFL, but he is the most accomplished Josh Allen in the league. With all due respect to the Bills’ quarterback, who expects big things this season, the Jaguars pass rusher made 10.5 sacks and the Pro Bowl as a rookie.

This guy gets it,” Jaguars coach Doug Marrone said Thursday, via John Oehser of the team website.

The Jaguars used the seventh overall choice on Allen last year. He lived up to expectations, and the Jaguars expect even more this season.

The best part, Marrone said, is Allen excepts more of himself.

“He looks like someone that is not satisfied; that’s on a mission; that has a lot of goals – and has team goals,” Marrone said. “That’s the other important thing. Is it just about me, me, me? Or is it, ‘What can I do for the team? How can I be a better leader?’ These are the conversations I’ve had with him that when you’re a coach you’re like, ‘That’s awesome; that’s great.'”