Stefon Diggs: I was never really vocal about liking or not liking Minnesota

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Wide receiver Stefon Diggs was fined for unexcused absences from practices and meetings while with the Vikings last season and his apparent dissatisfaction with the team led to thoughts that the team might trade him during the season.

Diggs said at the time that he “can’t sit up here and act like everything is OK” and that there is “truth to all rumors,” but he wasn’t traded last year. He was traded to the Bills in March shortly after tweeting that it was time for “a new beginning,” however, and he had his first session with reporters since that deal on Wednesday.

Diggs took issue with a question about being vocal regarding his desire to leave the Vikings and why the situation with the Bills will be a better one for him.

“I never actually said anything. So when you said that, I was a little taken aback,” Diggs said, via Matthew Fairburn of “But this new situation, I can say I’m excited. There is no right or wrong or problems to be fixed here or something to be replaced from my old situation. I have a lot of respect for the Minnesota Vikings. At the time the trade happened, you kind of have to look at it for what it is. But I never really was vocal about what I did or didn’t like.”

One of the things Diggs probably likes about his situation are the tweaks to his contract that up his 2020 salary by more than $3 million and guarantees an extra $7.7 million of his 2021 compensation. A new contract might be in the cards beyond that point, but any discussion of that will likely wait until Diggs and the Bills spend some time on the field together.

25 responses to “Stefon Diggs: I was never really vocal about liking or not liking Minnesota

  1. The bills lost any leverage by paying him and getting nothing in return. Next year or the year after that when his contract is low he can cry again that he wants more money. since they paid him they have to give him more or else he can sit out the season and forego a small amount.

  2. He’s right. He never actually said he wanted out, at least not with his words. He used his actions and cryptic messages on twitter to accomplish that goal.

    Seriously, who does he think he’s kidding?

  3. Let all the haters hate, we’ll take Stefon’s ball tracking skills any day.

  4. Kirk is not a winner or a leader, and people don’t rush to play with him. Facts are facts. It was never about MN, it was about their decision at QB.

  5. The drama is only beginning now for the Bills and their fans. If he would only just shut up.

  6. Diggs is absolutely right. He wasn’t out there complaining about the Vikings or saying anything negative at any point. What, because he said “I can’t say everything is ok”? That’s hardly complaining, and it still isn’t actually saying anything negative.

    I’ve always hated that fans put words in his mouth that he never said. I never found him to be a diva. And he always had class and swagger on GMFB. Sorry haters, Diggs ain’t hurtin’ on your opinion.

  7. Diggs was fun to watch and I wish him well, but he’s wasting his time trying to rewrite history. Regardless of what he did or didn’t say…he made it perfectly clear how he felt through cryptic tweets and passive aggressive comments through the media. The Bills got a really good player and I actually like his competitiveness that some people took as whining, I think he just really wants to win and he feels he gives his team the best chance to win when he’s heavily involved. They also got a guy who is somewhat immature and has shown that he has no problem disappearing if he’s unhappy. Josh Allen will have to complete more than his career completion percentage of 56 percent and the Bills are going to have to give him a new contract with top WR money to keep him happy…

  8. “There is no right or wrong or problems to be fixed here or something to be replaced from my old situation.”


    How about you just show for work when you’re supposed to Mr. Diva Receiva.

  9. If anyone thinks his tenure with the Bills will be anything other than tumultuous, they haven’t been paying attention. Going to be fantastic to watch his outbursts knowing the haul the Vikings got for him.

  10. Truthfully I lost all respect for Diggs with his sideline squabbles, his missing team meetings and practices right after. Then what sealed it was when Diggs posted a pic of himself wearing a Arizona Cardinals shirt while whining for a change. He’s a great player no doubt, but this is a team sport and he is a me first person. His personal stats trumps all team stats in his mind, and the Bills and their fans will soon realize that. I’m glad that he’s gone now, and excited to see Justin Jefferson take over.

  11. tqaztec says:
    August 6, 2020 at 10:10 am

    Good luck Stefon, we hope you are happy now.

    Oh, trust me, he is.

  12. Poor guy just wanted a real chance of winning.


    Because thats what Buffalo is known for…LOL!

  13. I’m a fan of Diggs but he changed from a humble guy to a diva as he put bigger numbers up. I really don’t care to have somebody around who doesn’t want to be there.

  14. Brobokil says:
    August 6, 2020 at 9:39 am
    I’ve always hated that fans put words in his mouth that he never said.

    This happens with Rodgers every waking moment of every single day.

  15. This guy believes there is truth to all rumors, but then makes a statement with zero truth.

  16. What’s not to like about his current situation? I’m very sure he’s happy.
    He’s playing with a likable, up and coming, talented quarterback, and he’s out of that socialist dump that resembles Beirut more than any real NFL city.

  17. He did well for himself in MN, coming in as a 5th round pick. Both he and the Vikings benefited from each other. MN got a cheaper version of him with more natural talent at a time when they needed cap relief. Diggs gets to be the #1 receiver, which was never going to be in MN. He was fun to watch, Vikings fans loved his passion for winning, his big play ability, and the way he showed up in big games. We won’t miss the drama, which is sure to start soon in Buffalo. Good luck Stephon, I’m a fan.

  18. Diggs is right and he still hasn’t said what he felt about Minnesota. He will be a fan favorite and a big help to the Bills playoff push. This trade was good for both teams. Skol

  19. There is truth to the rumors that Diggs held opting-out over the Bills to get more money upfront.

    If Josh Allen’s accuracy issues continue as they have since he was drafted, and/or Diggs’ numbers decrease, hello Percy Harvin.

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