Tom Brady turns question about COVID-19 into TB12 commercial

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During his first press conference in weeks as the new quarterback of the Buccaneers, Tom Brady was asked by a reporter about his concerns regarding the potential of contracting COVID-19, in light of his recent decision to channel FDR’s “only thing we have to fear is fear itself” line. Brady offered up some vague generalities before quickly making his response a commercial for the TB12 method.

“I think everyone’s learning every single day a little bit more,” Brady said. “So I think you just take these things one day at a time. And the more you learn — I think we’ve all learned a lot over the last five or six months. I’ve always felt like taking care of my body was really important. Not just for football, because it has been my job, but my quality of life in the future.

“I’m under the belief that you either believe what you put into your body has an effect, or what you believe doesn’t have an effect. I think for me, in my experience, the better I’ve treated my body, the better I’ve eaten, the more hydrated I am, the better pliability treatments I get, the more sophisticated my workouts have been, the better my body’s performed. So for me it’s been, when something works, you do more of it. When you do more of it, you see better results. So I’ve really tried to continue that throughout my career and build, year after year. And it’s given me a great opportunity to be at this age still playing the sport that I love, because mentally I still feel like I have all the ability. I’ve seen every defense, there’s no play I haven’t run, there’s no defense I haven’t seen. It’s just physically, are you still able to execute your job? I’m very fortunate to still be able to do that. I know it’s a contact sport and there are some things that are out of your control, but that’s a pretty good lesson for life, too. You don’t have everything in control in life, either. The best you can do is prepare your body, prepare your mind for whatever comes at it. And then you always have to be able to adjust and adapt as best as possible.”

Everything he said seems entirely accurate, but he didn’t answer the question regarding his COVID-19 concerns — especially after he conducted multiple workouts in defiance of the NFL Players Association’s recommendation to stop informal get-togethers until camp opens. His behavior prior to camp has shown a lack of concern; his words from Thursday primarily reflected a desire to market TB12.

If he’s not concerned about COVID-19, he should be. Beyond the potential health consequences, players who land on the COVID-19 list can’t play, even if they feel fine. That’s one hard and fast rule that Brady and the Buccaneers won’t be able to skirt in 2020.

14 responses to “Tom Brady turns question about COVID-19 into TB12 commercial

  1. “I’m under the belief that you either believe what you put into your body has an effect, or what you believe doesn’t have an effect.”

    = he probably thinks it’s a hoax.

  2. Short version – Let me answer this question by not answering this question.

  3. “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” – Some boxer named Mike

  4. How dare you question Tom Terrific and his beliefs? LOL!!! Seriously though, some people are paranoid about this and some people are not. He’s one who is not.

  5. You have to respect Brady for his “never say die” attitude. It’s part of the reason why they guy is playing into is 40s and has 6 rings. I wish he’d temper his words though for a once in a 100 year pandemic- not only for his teammates, but also for the public as well. Like him or not, he’s a role model. If he shows indifference to the pandemic, others will too.

  6. Love it! Just because some fear covid doesnt mean that we all have to share that same opinion.

  7. People aren’t afraid of things until they have a reason to be.
    The question is, when you find out you have a reason to be afraid, are you sinking in quicksand or were you intelligent beforehand?

  8. I’m in the minority of people I know in that I never hated Brady or the Patriots through spygate and all the other stuff. I have a ton of respect for all they’ve accomplished, and to me the resentment is just jealousy. But man, now that he’s gone free agent and is talking beyond football cliches, this guy is just an idiot.

  9. Plenty here want to criticize Brady. What he said has validity. Stay healthy stay focused stay in good health whenever possible. Whats wrong with that message?

  10. His usual routine of “deny and subvert” isn’t going to work if the Bug comes calling.

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